Encyclopedia of Inspiration

Encyclopedia of Inspiration Vintage life and Quilted reviewed by iHanna

Encyclopedia of Inspiration is a series of books by Janine Vangool, who is also the creator of the, among artists and crafters much beloved, magazine Uppercase. I wish I could’ve afforded to be a subscriber of that magazine from the beginning, since all I’ve ever seen of it online tells me it would be a magazine I’d love both learning from, reading, owning and cutting out images for my Art Journals from… But alas, it’s produced in Canada and I am here in Sweden and I have never felt rich enough to splurge on a subscription.

But all that dreaming aside, I did actually splurge on pre-ordering two books from the Encyclopedia of Inspiration series about a year ago, and now I’ve finally edited the video together to show you what I bought!


Encyclopedia of Inspiration video book review on Vintage life and Quilted

I got Vintage Life: Living in The past as well as Quilted: from Pattern to Patchwork and here’s my video review of the books and me opening up the packages:

Video Book Review & flip-through

Video-review of Upercase magazine’s Encyclopedia of Inspiration x 2, Vintage Life and Quilted.

†I’d love to know if you think video book reviews are something I should do more of next year? I just remembered how much I loved talking about books, so to me it would be fun but only if you guys enjoy them too of course! I once did one about a book called Collage Carnival – cut and paste your way to Creative Heaven… I should cut into that one, as it’s been sitting on a shelf since I talked myself warm about it…

Encyclopedia of Inspiration video book review on Vintage life and Quilted

I didn’t talk enough about the layout of the books in the video, but let me correct that now. I love beautiful book design, and yummy photography, and even though these books are created with photos sent in by so many different people as submissions from all over the world (as far as I know), they’re all super crisp, beautiful and mouth watering for us creatives. It’s totally thanks to the editor that the selection in each book is so good.

And the book jacket / wrap around paper that can be folded to show four different design is simply genius, right?

Encyclopedia of Inspiration image from the volume on quilts, reviewed by iHanna

Maybe I should go ahead and use it in collage? Would you?

Encyclopedia of Inspiration image from the volume on quilts, reviewed by iHanna

It’s like having Pinterest in your bookshelf! If you don’t own the books (yet) yourself, feel free to go check out my boards on quilts and retro living – to be inspired by these two yummy topics… And let me know if I should check out any of your boards?

Truth be told, I do wish I’d made these books myself, but don’t tell anyone, okay? I’m working on a little something-something too and I can only hope it will be half as inspiring and beautiful…

By the way, I once won a Uppercase mag, but that was a long, long time ago. I wish for a bag full of second-hand, already read Uppercase magazines that I can browse through and cut up for journaling. That would be such a joy. I? see “Dear Santa letters” (asking for a Uppercase subscription I’m sure) coming up in a near future. :-)

In the series Encyclopedia of Inspiration (don’t you just love that title too?!) there are more volumes to check out, a few still available via Uppercase’s site. I wish I’d splurged on the book all about Ephemera or the yummy Stitch*Illo that was about embroidery, but that one is currently sold out.? I’m also pretty sure I would love?Botanica and that one is available by popular demand as a re-print! Maybe you’ll add them to your own Christmas wish list?†

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  1. These books look wonderful, Hanna! Thanks for showing them off. I just drooled and drooled over Vintage Life; I just loved it! Hmm…I have a birthday coming up in January; maybe I should mention this book as a gift possibility?

    • Yes, if not on your Christmas wish list then def on your birthday wish list. It’s a delightful book.

      • Just an update – based on your post, I requested Vintage Life for my birthday. This event happened over the weekend and my husband honored my request! Looking forward to reading it; it does look like a lot of fun!

      • Happy belated birthday Aimee! I hope you’ll really enjoy that book and that I didn’t “oversell” it. :-)

  2. I buy these. And the Uppercase magazine. I Love them! So awesome and inspirational.