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Try Magic Tape

Magic tape /Invisible tape is the best tape

I made a quick tips video about my favorite tape, because I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before to you guys? It’s called “Magic Tape”, and I personally think it’s the best one for using in journals if you want something that is durable, archival – and almost invisible! I have been using it […]

I made myself a New Art Journal

I made myself a New Art Journal

The truth is, most of us discover where we are heading when we arrive. Bill Watterson Before summer I bound myself another Art Journal with watercolor papers and a cloth cover. I wanted to make this last summer, but never got around to finishing one. But this year I was better prepared, and had worked […]

Collectible vintage Scrap die-cuts | Glanzebilder ...

Collectible vintage Scrap die-cuts | Glanzebilder or Bokmärken

Oblaten, Glanzbilder, Victorian scrap diecuts, bokmrken, Sammelbilder, collectible glossy prints… What ever you call them, you’ll find a favorite image among them – or hundreds! There are roses, birds, animals, pretty ladies, faries, babies, cartoon characters, angels, real or imaginary royalty, santas, seasonal and celebratory images. And more! As you might have guessed already, I […]