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Featured in Books

A few of my favorite ways to doodle is featured in Jenny Doh’s book Craft-a-Doodle.

I’m also one of the persons being presented in Craft Corps by Vickie Howell.

Pages from my art journal was published in the must-own-book called 1000 Artist Journal Pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol.

A pretty craft project of mine, featuring a string of stuffed hearts, was published in the sewing book Pretty Little Presents, by Lark Publishing.

A photo of my personal inspiration board is also published in Diane Gilleland and Christina Lane’s book Quilting Happiness!

Craft-a-Doodle with iHanna Craft corps by Vickie Howell

Artist Journal Pages by Dawn deVries Sokol Pretty Little Presents by Lark

Beyond my self published books you can find me in all of these books.

Featured in Magazines

Articles by me iHanna, also known as Hanna Andersson, or about me, can be found in:

Magazine Featuring issue 3 Art Journal Journey e-zine

&Stitches #2 Mixtapezine 2010

Articles I wrote elsewhere

Interviews with me