One of the things I really love when it comes to paper crafts and making is creating notebooks in different forms. I make all kinds of journals, for myself and for sale. I used to sell via Etsy, but ended my affair with them last year. So this year it is finally time to experiment with having my own shop, selling journals and maybe some other goods as the year progresses. We’ll see.

Junk journal release January 2021 by iHanna

So a big, huge welcome to the Studio iHanna Shop experience. I’m learning as we go, and I will keep experimenting with it this year I am sure. But for now….

I created a chatty video showing off all the pages of six of the many Junk Journals I made last year, just to get us started. Yay!

Video of Junk Journal release 1

If you can’t see the embedded video visit the blog post or watch on YouTube directly.

My idea was to make one big journal release each month this year, but right now I ain’t making any promises about that or anything else. It all depends on if I feel able to do all it takes to finish the projects I started, to film, edit, photograph, list and then also walk to the post office and ship stiff. Sometimes my energy levels feel like there is nothing left…

For right now, I am very happy with these and I love all of them so very much, which is the most important thing. I want to make pretty journals that are fun to work in, and that I am proud to sell.

Junk journals I made

These are the traveler’s notebook inserts that I released for January. Three has painted covers, two with wallpaper covers and one with a bright, patchwork patterned cover that makes my little heart happy. Click on the image to view each cover bigger.

Each listing has photos of the inside pages, like this one:

Example of a spread from Junk Journal no 6

All of these journals are made out of a lot of magazine pages where there were something that caught my eye (or heart) so I ripped it out and made it into pages for the junk journal.

Bits and pieces pocket in the back of each journal

Each Junk Journal has a small pocket on the inside of the back-cover, for “bits and pieces” of journal fodder. There might be wrapping paper bits, things I have printed, stickers, die cuts, bits from my collage bin, tissue paper and wall-paper. Just little bits for you to use, like these:

Collage fodder inside one of the Junk journals made by iHanna

And as you saw in the video I printed and cut out orange labels for this journal batch, just to get to add my name and url to them. I hope you like ’em!

With one of these Junk journals and a yummy Uhu Glue Stick 12 pack  (you can get them at Amazon through that affiliate link) there is no stopping us, right?

I’d love to know which of these is your favorite journal and why, and if you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see next in my shop? Add your comment below.

Oh, and a link to the brand new Studio iHanna Shop – if you feel like checking it out. It’s also in the menu on my blog and will stay there for now.

I appreciate you for being here.