I made myself a New Art Journal

The truth is, most of us discover where we are heading when we arrive.
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Handmade Art Journal by iHanna 2022

Before summer I bound myself another Art Journal with watercolor papers and a cloth cover. I wanted to make this last summer, but never got around to finishing one. But this year I was better prepared, and had worked a couple of evenings putting together a textile for the cover. It is a mixed media embroidery piece, in the haphazard style I like, with a lot of seed stitching on top of all the surfaces. I have then glued that textile piece to a hard cover, so I get my inside pages protected just like I want them.

This art journal is filled with watercolor paper, and my idea was that it would be full by now. It’s not, so I’ll keep creating in it through autumn and maybe into winter, who knows?

Front book cover of embroidered Art Journal made by iHanna
Front book cover of embroidered Art Journal.

Size: 18,5 x 26 cm
Paper inside: watercolor paper mostly, but also some cut up brown paper bags
Cover: free-form embroidery in mostly pinks

Open art journal to show the cover
Embroidered cover and book binding by yours truly.

A few details of the cover:

Detail of handmade Art Journal by Studio iHanna

Detail of handmade Art Journal by Studio iHanna

Detail of handmade Art Journal by Studio iHanna

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  1. Your art journal turned out so pretty! So glad you made the time to make it this year! I hope you’re having fun filling the pages! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos with us!

    • Thank you Arielle, it’s bigger than usual when it comes to art journals I bind myself, but I think I like it (although not for traveling). The cover makes me happy, and the pages are coming along. :-)

  2. Your watercolor journal is so beautiful. The way you collaged the pieces together and stitched various stitching throughout is gorgeous. I hope you have kids to pass this on to because it is truly a work of art and heart.

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