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What is Magazine Harvesting?

What is Magazine Harvesting?

What is “magazine harvesting” you ask, maybe because you are not that into YouTube videos of people working in their glue books and you haven’t heard the term before? So, let me explain. It is not a YouTube thing, just a term I have found used there a lot. It is a creative thing, for […]

Junk Journal with Embroidered Cover

From top Summer Junk Journal 01 for sale made by Studio iHanna

Today I am sharing the finished Summer Junk Journal (no 1) in all it’s glory. I love how it feels in my hands, and how it looks with the decorated and embroidered cover. I like how the soft fabric art piece changes when you make it into a hard cover for a journal like this, […]

Full Moleskine Art Sketchbook

I have officially finished another Art Journal on my list (it was on my list of multiple art journals at the same time – from two years ago). Yes, sometimes it takes a long time to reach the end – that doesn’t mean you should give up (if you don’t want to of course). I […]

Try Magic Tape

Magic tape /Invisible tape is the best tape

I made a quick tips video about my favorite tape, because I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before to you guys? It’s called “Magic Tape”, and I personally think it’s the best one for using in journals if you want something that is durable, archival – and almost invisible! I have been using it […]

Ode to the hands

And ode to our beautiful creative hands from iHanna

Thumbs up, it is all in our hands to make the world a more beautiful place. So let’s keep at it. iHanna Do you remember me sharing the start of the En masse Glue book project? Well, I filmed a couple of the spreads that I created in it, and the first one has the […]

Creating textile book pages

Creating textile book pages

Update on the iHanna Journal of Stitchery that I started in January. Each month we’ve been given two themes to play with, one for the background and one for the actual image of the page. In today’s blog post I will share video footage of me thinking about and creating the first 4 + 1 […]

Let’s be creative

Let’s be creative

Let’s do something creative together! Get out a glue stick, some magazine images and your favorite notebook and let’s create a spread filled with colorful imagery and patterns, some stickers and washi tape details and maybe we’ll add a nice message or quote. Yes? Related PostsSummer Crush: Hello Kitty – my old friend Daily Art […]