About iHanna and her creative adventures

Welcome to my blog and world of art, craft & creativity!

After my family, friends and Miss Smilla (the cat) happiness comes to me in the form of Creativity. I’m passionately in love with creating and I do live by it religiously and faithful – every single day. Creativity is my religion.

I come to my blog with a openhearted state of mind to write about the things that make me happy. I try to be conscious of what I experience and I willingly share it here. Happiness is something that is important in all our lives but something we rarely talk about. I have many blue days that won’t let me enjoy life fully all the time, but on other days I catch up with a vengeance!

As a journalist I love writing and that is a big part of my life. I also am passioned about knitting, making collages, sewing, taking photos with my Nikon d50 camera, playing in my Art Journal, crocheting, making softies, reading books, drinking coffee while I work and being on the lookout for even more inspiration!

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Other things that I believe in and consider to be my passions in life are research (life-long learning), documenting what I see (collecting, saving, savoring), the power of the mind, Love and finding happiness in the small things that surrounds us.