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DIY Postcard Ideas – the book (digital download)


A yummy and inspiring book about handmade postcards and the art of sending them off as happy mail. This book is filled with color photos, tutorials and inspiration.

Product description

During the 10th Anniversary of the DIY Postcard Swap 2020 I decided to create a book about DIY Postcards and the swap. It is based on years of blog posts with tutorials, photos and ideas from my happy mail days. I hope it will inspire you to find creativity within and to share it with the world.

In this book you will learn all about the swap, our history, and about mail art and mixed media do-it-yourself handmade Postcards. I share color photos, tutorials, ideas and facts.

Please note that this book is for your personal use only. You can not sell the digital file on, or even gift it to a friend, it is for personal reading and inspiration only. If you think someone you know should read it, please send them a link to the shop so they can buy it themselves.

  • Please note that no goods will be shipped to you this is a digital download that will be available to you here directly after purchase.
  • No refunds given since this is a digital file.
  • If you are signing up for the DIY Postcard Swap that opens up twice every year, you can get the book at the same time with a bit of a discount on the price
  • Please contactHanna via e-mailif you have any questions or problems.

** You can open this file with a PDF reader likeAdobe Readerthat is free to download.

Did you know
DIY Postcard is a term I coined myself eleven years ago because I wanted to mark that these postcards were special and not the kind you buy when youre on holiday to send home as proof of being abroad. They are all about Do it yourself power and happiness!

Additional information

Full title

The book of iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap and mixed media DIY Postcard Ideas


Hanna Andersson, a.k.a. iHanna



Layout and photography

Hanna Andersson


Direct download after purchase


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