Thrift Store Haul: Mexican Lotteria Cards & kids activity books

Thrift is poetic because it is creative; waste is unpoetic because it is waste.
G.K. Chesterton

Let me show you some of my latest thrift store finds

It’s been a long time since I shared anything here that I thrifted or bought second hand, right? Too long if you ask me. Thrifting is a big part of being a creative to me.

I’ve kept buying stuff that others didn’t want any more (second hand stuff that is), and documenting almost every item by taking photos of them when I get back home. Documenting bought stuff has become an obsessive habit for me, and I’m not sure what I will do with all those photos… But I still find it fun to have things documented from years ago. It’s a habit I’ve had for years. So why not share some of my fun finds here, you ask? I’m not sure why I stopped, but let me make it up to you buy showing you a hole heap of stuff that I will be using for crafting!

I made a video of my “Swedish Thrift Store Haul” for you, how about that?

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Index Card | Last pile of the year

Anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.
David Whyte

Another Pile of Index card done and finished - yay (index card a day collage) #dyicad #ICAD

The j-months of summer is over already, and it’s high time to wrap this project up. I finished all my index cards this year, which feels great.

They’re mostly colorful, playful collages with some paint splattered on here and there. June and July, that’s 61 index cards, in case you’re wondering. How many finished cards are in your pile?

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How to cover an old ring binder with beautiful, vintage fabric [Video Tutorial]

QUICK TIPS no 5 video tutorial How to upcycle an old ring binder to make it pretty and useful

I have a couple of older office ring binders in a smaller size (A5) that I wanted to start using. They’re the regular kind of binder type that has been used in offices and schools for the past 50 years or so in Sweden. Black cover, cloth spine in red, green or brown with a plastic label holder where you can slide in the information of what you’re storing in your binder.

But I want something prettier of course!

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Index Cards | Delicious ambiguity

Some stories dont have a clear beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing whats going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity.
Gilda Radner

Playing on some Index Cards for ICAD 2019 (index card a day collage) #dyicad #ICAD

I’ve been playing on some Index cards (that is, filling them with colors). It’s a daily challenge called index-card-a-day. These are from 15th to 21st of July, with some peeks at my journaling as well today.


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Index Cards | Inspiration collected

Index Card Art 2019-07-08 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD 8 July by iHanna: Summer is reading time.

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Re-starting my Bullet Journal Practice

I am in love with Bullet Journaling once again. I remember when I found it the first time, and did my very first entries in a soft covered black A5 notebook with grid papers inside. It was just so much fun to find a new organizing system, and (once again) trying to “figure it all out”. A few years before that I was in love with David Allen’s GDT System (from his book Getting Things Done), kind of similar to Bullet Journaling in some ways, but it never did work that well for me, even though I always enjoy making lists of current projects, future projects and to-dos. I just never got into the habit at “checking back” on my long, long lists then.

In love with the Bullet Journal Method blog post

I think Bullet journaling is an easy system to learn and implement in your life. This month I’ve read through originator Ryder Carroll’s book, The Bullet Journal Method. I’ve taken a lot of notes, as I mentioned in my previous post/video about my bujo. All you really need to get started is a good pen, a blank notebook or paper pad, and a few minutes to set it up after watching the intro video by Carroll himself:

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Index Cards | ICAD continued in July

My pile of finished index cards of the year is growing. I’m keeping them together on my desk with a rubber band for now. They record the summer days passing (all too quickly) in a hot fury.

Wonderful Pile of Index Cards summer 2019

I’m grateful to be able to take the time to create them, to have the joy of creating these little vignettes of color and inspiration. As much as they’re “for fun” they’re also important, because they’re part of my summer day(s).

I’m also grateful that I have this place so that I can share them with you guys!

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How to create your own embellishments [VIDEO tutorial]

I have noticed that I film a lot more than I edit and share… And as it has been raining a few days this summer, I’ve spent time going through old files. I found footage that I never used for anything, just waiting to be edited into something view-able. So that’s what I’ve spent my time doing. Editing videos. Compiling little “quick tips” for example, like this (very quick one) that I want to share today.

Video tutorial: How to find and cut out your own card-stock embellishments

It’s a bit similar to another video I made, on how to create embellishments by stamping on thicker paper, and cutting the figures out to use later. I love “stocking up” on home made embellishments like this, to have on hand when I’m in journaling mood and just want to stick something down on the page quickly to get going.

How to create cheap card-stock embellishments

Here’s the video, I hope you like it and find it useful.

Video: Create Cardstock Embellishments – if you can’t see the video embedded above please click here to see the video on YouTube. When you’re there feel free to like it and share it with your friends too.

If you don’t have plastic bag packages like this one, you could also cut out other print media that comes on thicker paper, like figures from thrifted playing cards, used postcards, fancy gift boxes you’re given and even gift bags with pretty images on.

I’d love to know how you save money in similar ways? Feel free to add other ideas on how to create personal and fun embellishments that you don’t have to buy!?

Recycle, re-use, re-think everything you see – and save the environment (a few trees perhaps?) while you’re at it.

Here’s to more rainy days this summer.

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Index Cards: Let the world see your creativity

Summer has filled her veins with light and her heart is washed with noon. C. Day Lewis

In my last index card post I showed index cards from June 17 to 23, week 25 of the year. These are from week 26, the last week of June. I hope you like them. Let me know if you find a favorite.

Index-Card-a-Day Challenge 2019

This first one (above on a pink index card) is yet another intro card, because I felt like using the DaisyYellow quote about the ICAD challenge somewhere appropriate. This felt appropriate to me. I like it a lot more than my first intro card, that say “ICAD” witch bold, cut out, pasted letters.

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Coming out as a (not very good) Planner Girl | One Book July

I absolutely love all things notebooks and paper, as regular readers of this blog already knows. And that love also includes planners and calendars, or what ever you want to call them. And the idea of planning your day out, setting long term goals, picking a focus, working towards the bigger picture… But how do one do that really? How?

Coming out as a (not very good) planner girl for #onebookJuly2019 video with iHanna

Back when I was in school it was easy to fill out my planner with dentist appointments each week and such, but these days it can be more of a struggle… But still, I love the idea of being on top of things. Being my own boss…

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