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Lagniappe Collection DIY Postcard

Purple non machinable envelope sent by Karen M in New Orleans, US for the iHanna DIY Postcard Swap

Today two quick things I really enjoy: Looking up a new to me word and some very late happy mail in the inbox! All this because a very bulky and quite interesting looking envelope arrived… By the way, do you know what the word “lagniappe” means? I sure did’t know until just now, when I […]

Time to join iHanna’s DIY Postcard Swap

Time to join iHanna’s DIY Postcard Swap

Every autumn I host the DIY postcard swap here on my blog, in hope of bringing art and joy to the homes of all participants! And so far it’s been working great! Firstly you get the joy of creating handmade postcards for ten people and then the joy of seeing those postcards being delivered all […]

What is Magazine Harvesting?

What is Magazine Harvesting?

What is “magazine harvesting” you ask, maybe because you are not that into YouTube videos of people working in their glue books and you haven’t heard the term before? So, let me explain. It is not a YouTube thing, just a term I have found used there a lot. It is a creative thing, for […]

Junk Journal with Embroidered Cover

From top Summer Junk Journal 01 for sale made by Studio iHanna

Today I am sharing the finished Summer Junk Journal (no 1) in all it’s glory. I love how it feels in my hands, and how it looks with the decorated and embroidered cover. I like how the soft fabric art piece changes when you make it into a hard cover for a journal like this, […]

Embroidered Junk Journal Covers

Handmade Junk Journal by Hanna Andersson (detail of embroidered cover)

I love creating patchwork collages both with papers and fabrics. In this post I will show you two textile art pieces that took quite a while to finish, but it was a joy to stitch them together. Both have a found pink rose embroidery that I recycled from the thrift shop and included here, and […]