DIY Postcards that I made for the DIY Postcard swap 2020

Before I sent my handmade postcards away last year I got in my head that I’d do a little quick video showing all of them (and the stamps I bought) and talk about them instead of writing a long blog post about them. Now I have edited it and I want to share it with you guys! I hope you like my DIY Postcard video, and some process pics.

I will be sharing my new pile on instagram in April, so starting today. I hope you’ll share your first postcard today too – using the hashtag #ihannaspostcardswapfun – because we want to see it! If it’s not done you can catch up later of course.

And if you want to know about the swap that I host and maybe join click here.

Collage Postcards by iHanna

Me and my mom sat together to do our first “layer” of postcards, she used mostly printed papers and I used my own painted papers. This is what they looked like at first:

Collage Postcards by iHanna

Then I went in with details, tissue paper, vintage stamps and words – to decorate the paper patchwork postcards.

Postcard process

Postcard process

Video: DIY Postcards by iHanna (fall 2020)

Here’s the video, leave me a comment below if you like it.

Promoting Swedish peeps

I just happened to mention a few very famous Swedish guys in my postcard video, so I thought I’d list them here in case you’re interested and want to read more about them – I highly recommend it, because learning about new interesting people (living and historic) is always fun. And do an image search too, I think these artist’s art-work is very inspirational.

  • Hanna Andersson – that’s me and I host the DIY Postcard Swap just to mention one of the many cool things I do ;-)
  • Lisa Larsson – ceramic artist born 1931. She has made several series of ceramic pieces that is well sought after and loved, and she has a huge fan following in Sweden as well as Japan. You can find her stuff for sale online, for example on Etsy.
  • Hilma af Klint (1862 1944) – was a Swedish artist and mystic whose paintings were the first Western abstract art known to the current art community. She lived in Stockholm and her large abstract art was unknown to most of the world for her entire life. Reproductions of her work can also be found on Etsy.
  • Carl von Linn (1707 – 1778) – was a Swedish botanist, zoologist, taxonomist, and physician who formalized binomial nomenclature, the modern system of naming organisms. He is known as the “father of modern taxonomy”. In English I think he is most known as Carl Linnaeus, and there are some interesting looking books about him available.

If you want to read more about the postcard swap and postcards of the past please check out my book DIY Postcard Ideas that is in the shop. And a big huge thank you to everyone who has already bought it. You are amazing and you make this wee artist very happy.


Wishing you a happy Easter Weekend!