I have decided to create a book about my DIY Postcards and the swap I host each year! Wooohoo!

It’s scary and exciting at the same time, but I am hoping you will want it and be as excited about it as I am.

You can pre-order a copy today – and get it extra cheap when joining the DIY Postcard swap that is now open!

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The DIY Postcard Swap was born in 2010 and since I love making books, what could be more natural than that ongoing, huge and extraordinary project finally being immortalized in book form – on the year of our 10th anniversary no less!

A BOOK in the making

I am making a book about the swap and my own adventures into DIY Postcard creating over the years, and it will be delivered as a digital file (a PDF-file that can be read on your computer or tablet) no later than 24th of December (because it’s not quite done yet) – so you will have some good reading for the Christmas holiday for sure.

I am hoping that it will be a documentation of the swap over the years, but most of all, a colorful, happy mail art book of techniques and ideas for making your own postcards! Most of it will be my edited blog posts from over they ten years I have been hosting this fun swap, but also some newly created material and photos never shared on the blog!

If you have any request of wishes on what I should also include in the book, please write me.

All I know right now is that it will be a lot of reading, a lot of inspiration and a loads and loads of photos!

I think you’ll want to pre-order it ASAP! :-)

A few of the many pages that you will find in iHanna's upcoming book

The book is not finished just yet, but it’s available as a pre-order below! Yay!

Pre-order price is only $25 right NOW

The iHanna DIY Postcard BOOK is available as pre-order for just 25 USD. It’s a bargain for getting a fun, colorful read that will inspire you for years to come!

Note that the book ill be delivered before Christmas this year – probably sooner. Follow my blog and stay subscribed to my Newsletter to be notified when I’m done with all the pages!

It’s going to be epic!

Pre-order iHanna’s DIY Postcard BOOK

You can chose to pre-order the book right now by filling in your e-mail below and then click the BUY NOW-button. If you want to join the DIY Postcard Swap click here.

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How to pre-order the book

For an even lower price – do this!

If you want to join the swap and buy the book you should of course (as always) first read through the rules of the DIY Postcard Swap fall 2020 and note down all the dates in your calendar, then click forward to the sign-up page. Choose in the drop-down from the three options there. Either you’ll chose to both join the swap and get the book for the lower price, just buying the book or simply just joining the swap. It’s up to you – but note that the price will go up after the swap closes!

When you join the swap then after paying come back to the purchase page as usual and fill in your details below the payment button (there’s a google form on that page!). This step is important and a must! I need you to do both of these things to join the swap!

When you’ve filled in your details in the form and sent it you always get a confirmation e-mail so that you know it was submitted correctly and you can double check the address you entered. Please submit from a computer, it does not seam to always work on phones or tablets. If you don’t receive the confirmation e-mail from google, please contact me to let me know (after checking your spam folder of course) and we will work it out together. I’m here to help, but a lot of answers can be found in the FAQ.

Join the swap and buy book here!

Did you know…

DIY Postcard is a term I coined myself ten years ago because I wanted to mark that these postcards were special and not the kind you buy when you’re on holiday to send home as proof of being abroad.

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