I experience the passage of time and the particulars of my surroundings with my physical beingĖwith my body and mind Ė and the act of making things that reflect my thoughts and feelings is a way of bouncing something back. I am here. I am not just absorbing. I am contributing. This is a dialogue.
Carolee Gilligan Wheeler*

Uppercase dinner
Right now I enjoy my dinner and a magazine. I also enjoy taking photos of my food, and looking through my many recent files of images while the night closes in on us.

The beautiful magazine is called Uppercase and I won this issue from a giveaway by Annie. It’s a beautiful magazine with layout, ideas and articles to swoon over! So happy I won it.

Other things I am enjoying right now:

Doodled envelope
Doodling on everything. Doodling on an envelope I sent away, containing collage papers bought from my shop. Doodling on a brown envelope is recommended. Adding details with a white pen is optional but surprisingly satisfying.

Washi with stripes
A new roll of washi tape, always a joy. With stripes!

Full moonshine
The moon shining into my apartment. It was so light when I woke up that I had to get up to see what it was. It was beauty. Shining on me.

Plus, it really is a lot of fun to be able to set up a giveaway! It’s exciting to read all your answers and meet some lurkers, especially those that does not have a blog. It’s interesting to get an idea of who all you anonymous people who visit my blog are. Thank you everyone who has commented so far, and welcome to join a giveaway if you haven’t already.