Very Chunky Altered Book [a video flip-through]

I altered a book so that it is no longer a book about ancient Egypt but instead a book of iHanna’s cut and paste adventures and inspirations! I named it Cut and Paste and I love the cover and all of the pages of it, well… most of them.

Today I’m taking you guys along for a ride into its depths…

Cut and Paste altered book art journal by and with iHanna. Swedish artist Hanna Andersson

Let’s look at some cut and paste happiness!

Cut and paste altered book cover, side view, and backside + spine close up by iHanna

In a previous flip-through video I shared an older art journal volume of watercolor papers that I made myself, and in today’s long-form video, I’m sharing aaaall of the pages in an altered book, which is especially fun to me because this type of book were my first real love when it comes to art journaling!

Yesterday I did share an instagram teaser of a favorite page from the volume, but here’s the whole thing now!

Altered Book flip-through video

Grab a coffee because it takes me a while to flip through it all, and at the end please leave your comment below!

If you can’t see the video embeded here, click on over to YT and watch the altered book flip-through video there, and please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video. :-)

When I started Art Journaling I got a ring bound book with sturdy papers, but after filling the initial two or three books I couldn’t find them again and after that I just got big coffee table volumes second-hand to alter, and those are my favorite kinds of art journals for collage!

Flower doodles in altered book on photo by Swedish artist Hanna Andersson aka iHanna
Art journal doodle in altered book by artist Hanna Andersson, aka iHanna
Not all the pages in this one are “just” collage, because of course it’s mixed media too. It’s a bit of journaling, doodles, tape and other bits that I can’t stay away from.

I think you can tell why I love art journaling and collage so much by looking at these pages…

Don’t they just express that light-hearted feeling you often have when you sit down to cut and paste?

Altered book collage art journal by iHanna aka Hanna Andersson
The sentiments and errors of some of the stationary from Asia is hilarious, right?

I finished this art journal back in the beginning of the year, and did a blog post then about my Finished Cut and Paste journal, where I wrote: I should film a flip-through of this finished too for YouTube, don’t you think?

You agreed with me, and although it took a while…

Now it’s here. Yay!

In the video I mention my tutorial on How to alter a book if you want to try this craft/art idea, and also something I wrote after making the flower-power page; How to make your Art Journal Page Bloom. Read it, it’s really sweet if I may say so myself…

More of the many collage pages in iHanna's Art Jouranl see flip-through on the site

Art journaling is and can be so many different things, this is my take, for today. I hope you enjoyed it.

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