The definition of a Glue Book is a nice looking notebook where you glue in anything and everything that you fancy! It’s meant to inspire you while you create it – and afterwards!

Glue Book: Quilt and Flower Patterns

After going through the fashion section of my Glue Book last week, we’re back to the random pages. I can not sort what inspires me into too small categories or I would have thousand of piles of magazine images in the end: craft ideas, artists, embroidery, cloth, quilts, pattern, porcelain, vintage, photography, pretty book covers and layout, work spaces, interior design, and so on and so on… This is the case when you want to do everything and can’t pick one subject. But instead of picking I glue it all in there.

Glue Book: Fabric collections

Instead of subjects I work with colours to make a pleasing layout on each spread. A mostly white spread, a rainbow spread and a happy spread. How do you decide what images to pick for your Glue Book?

Glue Book: Frida Kahlo Love
Frida Kahlo Love.

Glue Book: Blue can be beautiful too
Inspiration from Hemslöjden.

Glue Book: Voodoo Doll and Crazy Things
Inspired by wood craft and books, and that crazy lamp!

Glue Book: Creative Rooms Inspire me
Creative Rooms Inspire me every time.

Glue Book: Poetry on the wall
Why not write your poetry on the walls? it says. Yes why not?!

Glue Book: Mosaic of images

I’ve also printed a few of my monthly flickr mosaics I create from favorites I collected. They are simply the squares of other peoples beautiful crafts and photographs that inspire me so much. Here is the first page of this handmade notebook/glue book, also with a flickr mosaic on top of a scrapbook paper:

Glue Book: Start page and Mosaic from Flickr

If you want more inspiration check out my tutorial How to Start a Glue Book. I’ve also decided today to end my Summer Holiday from Pinterest, something I promised myself back in June. So follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration images. But a reminder: if you do pin things, don’t forget to credit the source in your notes (!) and also, don’t forget to check back for what inspired you and create, craft and paint from your inspiration. Merely collecting inspiration will not make you creative (instead it will in the end make you sad and feeling like you never do anything good yourself)! ;-)

Also: Don’t miss my review of the book Acrylic Solutions and to enter the giveaway there! It will be open until Sunday.

Happy Glue it Tuesday sweet one!