Inspiration Mosaic - March 2013
March Inspiration mosaic is full of creative joy, don’t you agree? view big or click the images to see who the awesome individual photographers, crafters and artists are. People who inspire me again and again on flickr.

I created a desktop background for my mothers computer – because I noticed today that she still uses this one from 2010! It’s still inspirational and pretty, yes, but I thought it could be fun with something fresh and new. It’s a combination of the mosaic above and the last one I made (for February) and the text I vow to do something creative every day! which is something I think we all should promise ourself.

These images inspire me a lot, and I hope they will inspire you too. Here is the desktop background if you want to download and use it too:

Desktop Inspiration

Download: 1920×1080 pixels desktop background