It is finally time to start using the Scrap Die-cut images whose origin and uses I talk about in my blog post Collectable vintage Scrap die-cuts / German Glanzebilder. In that article (and video) I show a lot of fun examples, and in today’s video, I’m finally going to glue some of them down on a page.


Journaling with Scrap Die-Cut images / Glanzbilder / Bokmšrken #journaling

I’ve been buying these beautiful images in albums from second-hand shops for years, to use in collage and journaling – but then I’ve never really started to utilize them. I guess because I think they’re more precious than other scraps I own? Maybe I’ve had a little bit too much respect for them, because they’re so beautifully printed and looks vintage, even though they’re most likely all reproductions…

Well. No more.

Glanzbilder or Scrap Die-cut collectable images - Photo by iHanna

It’s high time I start using my stash of these beautiful and yummy glanzebilder, right?

Easter Journal with iHanna: Scrap die-cuts

This video was created after Easter, so the images are spring themed, I hope you don’t mind my late editing and uploading. I feel like I should’ve been able to “do better” but maybe I just can’t right now.

So it’s late, but I think that you can still be inspired by this way of documenting life. To decorate a page, journal a bit, use the good stuff… And it is in my newest Randomosity notebook, where I don’t really care about chronology, so it’s okay.

Let’s start here:

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I really like the gold cover of these traveler’s notebooks, but I might decorate it a little bit more in the future. Maybe with a sticker or two? If you want to watch previous episodes of Randomosity notebooks you can find Randomosity vol 1 here and Randomosity vol 2 here.

Traveler's Notebook, scissors and watercolors for journal session in place Photo Hanna Andersson

I also enjoyed myself using the scrap die-cuts in my journal, and can’t wait to do it again. Maybe it’s time to create a summer spread?

But for my second spread I remembered that I also had a pad of Hello Kitty Easter-stickers that I got once in happy mail. I’ve kind of been hoarding it (just a little). It is my favorite of all times. I have never seen something like this here in Sweden or I would’ve bought it. We just don’t have Asian stores here like you do in the US. But I wish!

Hello Kitty Sticker book and neon watercolor

So here’s the first finished spread of this Randomosity journal:

Hello Kitty Sticker book and neon watercolor in my TN journal Randomosity

And the first finished page, with the glued down scraps, some yellow lace tape and a Trader Joe sticker from Jenny:

Scrap die cut used in journaling by iHanna
And an unusual amount of hand-writing / journaling. It was just what I was craving at the time. Future spreads will def. bee more visual, I promise.

Products used

Products used in the making of these two spreads in my no-brand traveler’s notebook are listed here, with affiliate links to Amazon (at no extra cost for you) in case you want to check them out. Cheers!

Did I forget anything – let me know and I’ll add it as soon as possible.

Let me know if you enjoyed this blog post and video. Should I do more videos featuring scrap die cuts, or is it just me that’s obsessed right now? ;-)