Journal with me: Metallic Watercolor Swatching

Come, let’s journal about all the nice things I got for my birthday!

Documenting my birthday in a traveler's notebook

On my birthday, back in April, I got a few pens and some money to buy art supplies for. I decided to invest in my first “set” of metallic watercolors in loose pans, from the brand Coliro Pearlcolors. I got pink and green (because that is one of my favorite color combinations) and a gold, just to try it out.

In today’s video, I’m creating a spread in my Randomosity TN, to try out all the new materials I got. Enjoy!

Video: Birthday Journaling

Journaling in a Traveler’s Notebook to document my birthday pens and new watercolors, five different colors of Coliro Pearlcolors. Documenting what I got at the same time as I test them out, creating an Evidence page.

Grab a coffee or your own journal and let’s investigate how good these colors are together!

If you can’t see the embedded video watch it on YT: Journal with me: New Metallic Watercolors. Like & subscribe while there.

Birthday roses for iHanna

Birthday roses and the stuff I got for my birthday this year:

Birthday flatlay 2020 Photo by Hanna AnderssonHönsestrikk - a love story by Anna Bauer

The book is about knitting with more than one color in a very colorful and happy way called hönsestrik here. This book is so beautiful and full of fun knits to try out, from hats and scarfs to sweaters and caps.

Also, it’s coming out in English next month, so keep a look out for it if you too want to knit happy rows of different patterns. It is going to be called  Alterknit RebellionRadical patterns for creative knitters by Anna Bauer. So yummy, and a fun title in English, right?

Testing Coliro Pearlecent metallic watercolors in my traveler's notebook journal

Here’s the finished spread that I created in the video, using wrapping paper, stickers, gift cards and the pens and paints I got for my birthday:

Evidence page of my Birthday gifts watercolors + pen test

I’m planning to have a birthday next year too, so stay tuned. Who knows what I’ll get then? ;-)

Products used

Products used in the making of this birthday spread in my no-brand traveler’s notebook are listed here, with affiliate links to Amazon (at no extra cost for you) in case you want to check them out. Happy journaling!

Did I forget anything – let me know and I’ll add it as soon as possible.

Do you like the finished spread? Have you ever tried these (or other) metallic watercolors?

Journal with me! Previous spread in this notebook includes Easter journaling: Using Scrap die-cuts.

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Hanna! Thanks for sharing this fun video with us! I’ve never used metallic watercolors, but your gold looks like it will be very fun to create with! Thanks again for sharing your video, post, and pretty photos with us!

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