I have finished another flip-through video, and it is ready to inspire you today! Grab a cuppa and take a look.

Travelers Notebook

I’m using a regular sized Traveler’s Notebook for journaling and Memory Keeping, and I have been using this kind of notebook for about three years. This is volume two, that I finished a long time ago but have not, until now, taken the time to blog about it. I just edited the flip-through video, so I thought I’d share it with you guys.

On this particular notebook the spine is sewn on the sewing machine by my skilled mom (I couldn’t do it on my sewing machine that’s for sure). The cover is a very pretty yellow scrapbook paper with a butterfly pattern, and the inside pages are miss-prints discarded from another of my creative project, that of making my own planner inserts, another thing I love making.

Traveler's Notebook Randomosity vol 2 blank yellow pages

In the photo above you can see how it looked before I started filling it. The left page was pink, and the right page was a light shade of lemon yellow, before I accidentally copied a yellow paper with the designs to these pages, and got a “double print” of the design and background color. I was so mad with myself when this happened, but instead of throwing away the whole pile of papers I assembled the planner into a book and tried using it – but it did not go very well.

The printed block of color was impossible to write on with most of my pencils and pens, so I gave up and made myself a totally new planner instead.

But what to do with the first notebook? I decided to use it as my next Randomosity notebook, because then I could fill it with collage, and if I wanted to write something I could just glued in scrap papers or tags.

I like recycling as much as I can, and don’t like to throw out papers. But considering I didn’t really love working in this notebook, maybe I should have…

Traveler's Notebook being created by iHanna (see flip-through video of finished journal on the blog)

Oh well, I filled it up and finished it anyway, so it worked out in the end. I didn’t abandon it but hurried to fill it with all kinds of magazine images, words, pictures, stickers, postcards, brochures and other ephemera of my life. You’ll see. The pages are jam packed.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video, and maybe you could let me know below which of the spreads or concepts in this journal you like best – and why? Thanks.

Butterfly cover of the Traveler's Notebook Randomosity vol 2 by iHanna

Flip-through Video of Randomosity vol 2

If you’re new to Traveler’s Notebooks I’ve written the ultimate TN guide for you, and if you’re new to my series of Randomosity Memory Keeping, you can check out the post where I define what random journaling is all about for me, and what kind of things can go inside this type of notebook.

Here’s the video

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Mentioned in the video:

Traveler's Notebook Randomosity vol 2 - BLOOD MOON

Good Stuff: Pens, owls, and the Blood Moon.

Traveler's Notebook Randomosity vol 2 - Instagram as LookBook by iHanna

Instagram is my Look Book for finding colorful inspiration.
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Notebook self portrait

I love having this place to collect little bits of my life, and little bits of my paper stash, using tapes just because they’re cute, printing Hello Kitty images found on Pinterest just because I want too, and collecting it all in some kind of chronological order that is like a Notebook self portrait of me at this particular time in my life.

Do you have anything similar in your life?

iHanna's Randomosity journaling in vol 2 (flip-through)

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