How do you store finished notebooks? Here’s a new Traveler’s Notebook Storage for me, that I recently made. In it I’ve fitted all my Traveler’s Notebook regular size Randomosity journals, and I love seeing them together like this.

Handmade Travelers Notebook Storage blogged by iHanna - make your own storage #travelersnotebook #journaling #notebooks

I love new shiny notebooks, but I also love old notebooks that are filled with all the randomosity of life. They’re so yummy when they get chunked up, with tabs and tape sticking out on the sides. But what to do with them once they’re filled and no longer “in use”? I have a process for archiving mine, that maybe I should write about some time (?), but for now I’m going to share the storage solution I made.

Traveler's Notebook Storage

My Notebook Storage Organizer

I made it from a regular size cereal box that I (without measuring) cut down to size. I folded it in so that it would fit snugly around these regular size inserts.

iHanna's Randomosity Notebooks packed together

When I had cut and taped it back together again in the size I wanted, I covered the whole thing with polka dot wrapping paper. Love this wrapping paper, found for free at my local food store!

So yummy - polka dot storage blogged by iHanna - make your own storage #travelersnotebook #journaling #notebooks

DIY Cereal Box Ideas

Cereal boxes are really fun to craft with, and you can make all kinds of organizing boxes with them. I’ve used cat food boxes as storage for many years (here’s how to make a whiskas box pretty). I still use these boxes for storing cut papers, stickers and ephemera!

If you want to find some inspiration for DIY organizing, just go to YouTube and search cereal box organizer diy!

Back to my Traveler’s Notebook storage. I fit six of my Randomosity journals (all full of yummy stuff) in this box. Love how they look together on the shelf, with the label on the side. Yum!

Here are some more photos:

Travelers Notebook Storage blogged by iHanna - make your own storage #travelersnotebook #journaling #notebooks

I already mentioned this storage idea in the post about my current random journaling, but forgot to include a photo. It’s also featured in the beginning of my last flip-through video of Randomosity volume 1 (that you now can leave a comment on, it was turned off for some reason before, sorry).

Handmade Travelers Notebook Storage blogged by iHanna - make your own storage #travelersnotebook #journaling #notebooks

How do you store filled and finished notebooks? Do you have a special box or shelf for them, a system, or just a pile somewhere? :-)