Let’s take a look at my first Randomosity notebook together. This is volume one of Travler’s Notebooks (in the series presented in my last post), today brought to you in video form (find the entire flip through below) and some photos from back when I made it.

I hope you find it inspiring, and encouraging.

Traveler's Notebook Inspiration on iHanna's Blog

A great deal of creativity is about pattern recognition, and what you need to discern patterns is tons of data. Your mind collects that data by taking note of random details and anomalies easily seen every day: quirks and changes that, eventually, add up to insights.
Margaret Heffernan

I collect inspiration in all kind of ways, as you know. My Randomosity Traveler’s Notebooks is just one way, but right now it’s one of my favorite ways. It’s like making little magazine layouts on these spreads, and combining all the things I like into spreads of inspiration, information and memory keeping.

For example, I am into greenery and indoor plants, and these cool macram hangers you see everywhere these days, so I made a spread about urban (indoor) jungles.

Randomosity Traveler's Notebook vol 1: urban jungle ideas

I love collecting inspiration, not only for “real” projects that I want to do some day or admire, but for inspiration itself. Like patterns, forms, colors, stray sketches and words I like and want to hang on to.

Randomosity Traveler's Notebook vol 1: Fauxbonichi

Making is also inspiring to me. Creating in the form of searching for cute stuff (in magazines or online), cutting things out, sorting through my ephemera, buying cute stickers or getting RAK in the mail where little gems jump out and makes me want to use them.

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Randomosity Traveler's Notebook vol 1: Astrid Lindgren and owl

I love quotes, memes that are about “me” and crazy journaling, like this:

So what’s up with me? Being all wise and follow directions? See where it got me. I welcome disorder. Rethinkings. Because, deep down inside… there’s one thing I know for sure, that’s that I’m sure I’m not sure at all… but only sometimes.

Here’s the video, showing this Traveler’s Notebook that I made from start to finish, and a notebook storage folder that I made from a cereal box.

Flip-through Video of my first Randomosity Notebook

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Here are some more photos from the “making of” this Traveler’s Notebook journal:

Randomosity Travele's Notebook vol 1

Randomosity Traveler's Notebook vol 1

Thanks for hanging in to the end, and letting me share my Randomosity Notebook love.

Randomosity Traveler's Notebook vol 1: Colorful memory collage

Wanna take a peek at my second traveler’s notebook too, in a similar fashion? Let me know below.