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I recently posted a video where I played with wet-on-wet in watercolours and also some views of the Swedish forest in spring, where I wrote a bit about how you can document life with video. Now I have made another video as you can watch here or on YouTube, if you’re curious about my creative process…

ICAD 2013 | Wanna see me doodle this?

It was first posted in the ICAD-section Tammy’s blog. It’s called Index Card FUN with Hanna. I hope you like it. Please click through to leave a comment/rate it on youtube too, but here it is:

In the video you can watch my doodle, collage and paint a bit. It’s kind of strange to create with the camera in front of you, trying to keep within the picture frame. The doodle kind of shows that I am not really looking, but also gives you an idea on how fun it can be to create something quickly, without thinking. I don’t get all those youtube journaling videos that shows the creating upside down, so I did my best to create something fun to watch…

I am not doing a daily index card this year, because I am in the middle of my 365 Collages project. But a lot of others are doing ICAD right now.

Further Index Card Inspiration

Did you know that you can even get some fun prompts to inspire you this summer? They are available in translation too! In Italian, French, and even Swedish (the last one is translated by yours truly).


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  1. So good to see you creating :)
    …and soon the prompts should be available in German as well ;)

  2. Great video – thank you for the inspiration! I would never have thought to doodle and paint over the collage and tape, but I’m going to try it now!

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