Pink in my Rainbow Glue book

You could be my flamingo.
‘Cause pink is the new kinda lingo. Aerosmith (Pink)

I love pink because pink is the best color #truthbomb

Pink is the last color that I’ve filmed in the Rainbow Glue Book, so today’s video is the last in the series. Next up is the final flip-through which I’m excited about.

Watch as I finish another glue book page and use some lovely pink magazine images.

Video: Pink Pages

Let’s glue down some pink images and talk a bit about that.

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Pink isn’t just a color. It’s an attitude too. Miley Cyrus

Transition from purple to pink in iHannas Rainbow glue book
Purple and pink spread.
Pink pages in iHannas Rainbow glue book
So many yummy pink pages, right?
The last Pink Page in the Rainbow glue book #gluebook
I think this would mostly be called “dusty pink”, right?
In any case, a very romantic color.

Blog Posts on PINK

Pink is my favorite colour, and has been since I was about 11 or so. I had a break from it as the main theme in my life from late teens to maybe 28-30, but after that it’s been back FULL ON. I have clothes and items in all colors but to give a few examples of pink: Pink cardigans, pink notebooks, pink boots, pink flower pots, metallic rose phone, pink yoga mat and of course pink coffee machine! No pink walls yet, but still dreaming of pink hair.

Here?s a few blog posts that come up when you search my blog for the color pink:

There are many more in the archives if you feel like digging for pink, and who wouldn’t?

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  1. Whoohoo! So glad you had fun with your favorite color!! Whenever I see pink things, I always think of you! :) Thanks for sharing your rainbow glue book with us!

    • Pink rocks and I’m so happy that it is “my” color, it is such a joy to have a signature color for sure. :-)


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