Collage papers

After the huge project of making 365 Collages last year, I took the first three months of from collage making. It was not intentionally, and I didn’t plan for it. When I finished the project I still felt a huge love for collage making – but obviously I needed a break. During the break I’ve made other artistic stuff, mostly drawing and painting, but also some embroidery!

Bits of paper everywhere

Because I love so many different art forms I know I can not do it all at the same day or even the same week. It will always be cycles where there sometimes is a lot more of one or the other expression. Right now I’m finding my way back to collages…

Painted paper

Picking through boxes of tiny scraps, but also painting new collage papers and thinking about different series that I would like to make, roads I wish to explore. I am making a list of collage ideas and we’ll see where that will lead me. Maybe to new territory? Maybe there will be collages consisting of big circles. Or many small ones. We’ll see.

Die cut circles

If you feel like exploring a series of 10 artworks, maybe the postcard swap is for you? You can still sign up and I’d be happy to have you join all of us creating mail art this spring! My own postcard ideas are brewing and I’ll share more about those, and about postcard storage, next week.

For now, I am looking through scraps and collage papers. To me that is happiness.