Hello my Dear one,

It is Friday the 14th of February and Valentine’s Day. I don’t care much about buying gifts for this holiday, instead I try to make it something of my own, a lovely day if nothing else. And what could be better than a day of Art Journaling?

Art Journal Friday - blog your art journal adventures with iHanna

Art Journal Fridays could be about creating in an art journal, thinking about your art journal stack and planning out your week-end session or sharing snippets or a whole spread from your art journal on your own blog.

I invite you to share your link of any Art Journaling done this week below in the link-up (open until next Friday). I’m not sure (yet) if Art Journal Fridays will become a recurring thing here, because I’m not sure I can afford to pay for the link-up subscription – but if you would enjoy it and would be interested in joining in – now is the time to chime in!

I miss the old link-love that we all used to do, sharing blogs all around us and doing different activities together (but separate).

This is my blog, so I’m sharing a page I created in my TN book last year, that I did not film when creating.

It’s a message of Love, “just for You”…

It feels pretty appropriate for today’s “love theme”, right? As you can see I’ve got a lot of loveliness going on on this page. Love letters and messages in a jar, the blue bird of happiness, spring flower, thoughtful butterflies and cheeky kids…

Not to mention both ink in a bottle and a typewriter for constructing all these messages of love that will fly out of this page/blog/heart of mine, spread over the world and blanket us in pink shimmer or caring…

Art Journal spread in traveler's notebook regular size that I use as my Art Journal - page Just for you by iHanna

In a recent post I mentioned howscatter-brained I’ve been the past couple of years with my Art Journaling, but in this little book I’m not. I focus on covering the page with just “happy little images” as Bob Ross might have said.

I focus on cut and paste therapy, creating little bits of cuteness or calmness. I might re-name it my Meditation Journal, now that I think about it…

Little snippets of time just for me – free from the worldly sorrows around me.

Here are some details of this particular page:

Art Journal detail Just for you by iHanna

[tweet “Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life. #artjournaling”]

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I miss the old times

I miss a lot of bloggers I used to follow that hasn’t shared anything for the past 2-6 years (!), and I wish we could re-connect somehow. And as strange as it probably will sound to someone not a blogger themselves, I get really sentimental about going through old blog comments, clicking through and almost 100 percent of the time not finding anyone still there… Either the blog has been deleted, moved or the last post was from 2014 or so… I get it, I do. Not everyone is as stubborn as me, but it’s a little sad when you feel like you “know” some of these people intimately and then they’re just moving on, without you, you know?

Maybe the Art Journal Friday will not make old time bloggers start anew of course, they’ve since long moved on (!), but maybe I will find new friends to follow, like-minded souls to visit or at least, get to see some lovely art journal pages in the following days. Maybe I will get to re-visit some of you that still blog but that I haven’t visited in a while?

My hope anyway, is that the link-up as small as it might be, will encourage you to visit, comment and link other bloggers. Encourage, love on and share more. That’s a lot to ask, but also not that much. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Instagram links to specific posts could also be shared above, but only if it’s something you made and shared this week, thanks.

Wishing you all a Beautiful Art Journal Friday + Valentine’s Day + Week-end!

With love,