Summer Junk Journal flip-through video by iHanna

Hi, this is the next to last episode of the Summer Junk Journal video series in which I have filled the pages of a hand-made by me Junk Journal. Where I have talked, painted (watercolors and acrylics), collaged and shared inspiration. As a last installment I wanted to share an entire flip-through with you guys, but the first half of the book took so long so I am making the flip into two different videos. So next to last.

Let’s take a look!

Video: Flip-through of iHanna’s Summer Junk Journal

This video is quite long, so save it for the weekend if you don’t feel you can take the time to watch it today. That’s okay with me, just watch it. I think you’ll like it even though I take too much as usual. I still wanted to get it posted, since “summer” is SO over and I need to archive this baby asap! I so hope you’ll enjoy this video though, and let me know by leaving me a comment either here or on YouTube – or both. No comment will be left unanswered here, that’s for sure.

Can I please mention all the elements and details and over-explain how the pages came together and such now?

Oh, right. I did. In the video. Questions on that?

Detail from Summer Junk journal by iHanna

Sideview of Summer Junk Journal filled made by iHanna

Summer Junk Journal series

Today’s video is part 6 of 7 in this specific junk journal that I’ve filled over the summer and therefor am calling my Summer Journal. The other parts are:

Check them out if you haven’t seen them yet, and let me know below what spread in this video you like best – and why. :-)