Mr Flower Power

Mr Flower Power
Mr Flower Power, a.k.a. Linné. This is one of my favorite art journal pages!

I want to put together a gallery or a couple of my favorite art journal pages. I want it on my personal homepage. I am always in great need to update it with new images. If there is one thing I like it is to compose clusters of images, put them together, rearrange them and then look at them again and again. Both online and off.


Today I’ve found more things that really inspire me. Lots of collages and art journal inspiration to be found online

My personal favorite right now when it comes to art journaling is Nancy. I looove her art journal pages because of her personal style, colors, personal writing and imagery. Some of her loose pages can be found here at flickr. Aren’t they just beautiful?

More eye candy on the net is Belinda’s Door Page and Anahata’s Marie inspired pages!

Oh, I forgot this color post from Pam that you need to take a look at! Love all the images in this post, and I want that mag in my hand right now!

Thanks girls for inspiring me.

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