Collage: Crossroads

It’s Glue it Tuesday at Artsyville and of course I’m joining! Aren’t you? My most important tool is a glue stick! Right now my favorite brand is Uhu! I ♥ a good glue stick and I’m always buying new ones so that I don’t run out! I need at least three fresh glue sticks in store to feel content – but I don’t mind running out of milk or bread… ;-)

This is a batch of brand new collages for my 365 project.

Collage: Iced Cake
Iced Cake

I post seven new collages each week and would love to know which of these you like most – and why! Leave a comment and make my day. The first two are bright and colourful, and the rest are more brownish with a vintage feel:

Collage: Aunt Flora Visiting
Aunt Flora Visiting

Collage: Paper Walls
Paper Walls

Collage: Notice This
Notice This

Collage: Add some Sugar
Add Some Sugar

Collage: Pure and Vintage
Pure and Vintage

Feel free to browse and comment previous collages or join the Postcard Swap that I am running for the fourth year in a row.

Wishing you a great day!