365 Collages | Week 10

Collage: Crossroads

It’s Glue it Tuesday at Artsyville and of course I’m joining! Aren’t you? My most important tool is a glue stick! Right now my favorite brand is Uhu! I ♥ a good glue stick and I’m always buying new ones so that I don’t run out! I need at least three fresh glue sticks in store to feel content – but I don’t mind running out of milk or bread… ;-)

This is a batch of brand new collages for my 365 project.

Collage: Iced Cake
Iced Cake

I post seven new collages each week and would love to know which of these you like most – and why! Leave a comment and make my day. The first two are bright and colourful, and the rest are more brownish with a vintage feel:

Collage: Aunt Flora Visiting
Aunt Flora Visiting

Collage: Paper Walls
Paper Walls

Collage: Notice This
Notice This

Collage: Add some Sugar
Add Some Sugar

Collage: Pure and Vintage
Pure and Vintage

Feel free to browse and comment previous collages or join the Postcard Swap that I am running for the fourth year in a row.

Wishing you a great day!

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  1. I’m so glad that I now know someone who feels the very same way I do about UHU glue. I can go without a lot of things but not a glue stick. Such beautiful work here…glad you posted them!

  2. My favorites are ‘Iced Cake’, because of the pinks, the lace and the vintage text, ‘Aunt Flora Visiting’, because of the pinks, the lace, and the paper bag look, and ‘Notice This’ because of the flowers, the vintage text and the striped tape. I love your collages! <3

  3. I absolutely adore “Notice This!” It has a lovely vintage feel but with a modern look. The tapes you used in this piece are divine! Keep up the fabulous work! You rock!

  4. I knew you’d rock Glue it Tuesday… because you do it every single day! You have such a fabulous way with collage!

  5. I think my favorite is the “paper walls”. I like the movement and color. It’s very soothing too. Usually, I use some story on my journal pages. Will need to find out more about your postcard swap! {:-Deb

  6. I like the 1st one because of the brightly colored text pieces and I like #5, Notice This, because of the grid pattern. The 4 main sections just seem to be balanced so nicely. And I love Uhu glue also but our local craft store has stopped selling it and I can’t find it anywhere else. Guess I better start checking online.

  7. I love the one at the top! The red, orange and pink together are so fun. I’m a Uhu fan too. I love the big fat gluestick. I’m so impressed by your commitment to this project!

  8. I love the first one! The bright, vibrant colors made me smile the moment I saw it!

  9. Mmm, they’re all lovely. But “iced cake” is my fave – all that dotty wonderfulness and those colors. Delicious.

    I totally get your glue stick “security issue”. I once found a 24-pack of UHU at a super sale at my office supply store. I was in heaven and felt so abundant. LOL.

  10. I love all of them but most of all “aunt flora”. I love faces and numbers and roses and yarns and the colours… Thank you so much for your inspiritation. You are brightening up my life.
    Big hug from switzerland, regula (taking part in your postcard swap, can’t wait for it…)

  11. Love the colors in your first collage! UHU is my absolute favorite glue stick, and it is getting harder and harder to find. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t use it; they should sell it everywhere!

  12. When I saw Aimee was starting Glue it Tuesday, I thought of you and how perfect it would be! I’ve really been enjoying your collages all along. I think this week my favorite is the second from the top. That darker purple in the center is one of my favorite colors, so that plus the dots below, and I’m in heaven!

  13. Loving your collages. I love the first one, the colours are very joy-filled. And I love the composition and use of handpainted paper.

  14. oh your collages are just amazing! You are right about the gluesticks….of course I don’t do that and ended up having to mix a little glue and water then apply with a brush…works well but messy! GREAT work.
    I like your Aunt Flora collage best, but they are all so good!

  15. I like Iced Cake – feels spring like in a brown and gray world where I am . I also like Paper walls it reminds me of my house somehow- which is 191 years old. Realistically it is hard to say what i like because they are all very lovely. Glue on and have an Arty day!

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