school class

Today is the last day of school. Time for singing the traditional summer song; Den blomstertid nu kommer in church, getting my diploma, crying, saying goodbye to teachers and classmates and the beautiful surroundings of our school.

I’ve been in this school for two years now. Today I’m a Journalist ready to take on any writing task. Swedish summer is showing its best side these days and we’ve been sitting outside finishing our last articles and talking about the future in school.

Swedish summer äng
I feel both excited and sad today. Excited about this summer, going home to my parents, doing something creative I hope because I’ve not had the energy to do anything this spring.

Sad to leave my school, my friends, my apartment (and Smilla) for the summer and not knowing where I’ll end up in the end. New town? New life? Who knows.

I’ll just take today first, putting on my pink dress and cute brown shoes and going to school to sing like I’ve done on so many last-day-of-schools during my whole life. I think this will be the last time I’ll sing this end-of-semester song:

Den blomstertid nu kommer
med lust och fägring stor.
Du nalkas, ljuva sommar,
då gräs och gröda gror.
Med blid och livlig värma
till allt som varit dött,
sig solens strålar närma,
och allt blir återfött.

One day at a time, huh?