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my mom has stoped smoking!I’ve been a non smoking generation member since I was a kid. It was a great campaign that promoted non-smoking to kids and it was what stopped me from even wanting to try a cigarette when I was young – and I haven’t tried one so far. Ever.

But to my sadness mom has been a smoker for ever. And I’ve tried to talk her out of it, but nothing has ever worked. Until one month ago when she decided to quit, just like that, after reading a book about it. And since today is Mothers Day in Sweden I just feel like totally celebrating that my mom is so strong and cool. FikadagsI admire her in so many ways. Now that she has stopped with the smoking, her only big addictions is buying fabric and drinking coffee… But I know that is healthy – no matter what dad says.

Inspired by Childrens books

I think I want to start a small (?) collection of classic Swedish children’s books. I know Hillary is collecting vintage childrens book and I too looove the illustrations of great childrens books! I could have a while blog about this… Totte leker med kisse
The first one I got was Totte leker med kisse by Gunilla Wolde (Totte is playing with the cat) from 1973. Tummens mamma slutar röka I thought it would be a great book for visiting kids who wants to pet Smilla (something she isn’t very keen on).

I think it is so fun that the children’s books from the seventies are so much about how grown up should be and behave around children, like in Tummens mamma slutar röka (Tummen’s mother stop smoking) by Inger and Lasse Sandberg.

I recognize my self in the way that Tummen just has a very difficult time with the smoking, coughing and trying to “help” his mom to stop it. It’s a great book.

Here is a page from the book:

Molnet från Tummens mamma

There is a lot of good reasons to quit smoking. More about the book here. And a softie that mom made for me.

Cards and gifts - sent to mom on morsdag 2006

Yes, of course I sent my mother presents for Mother’s Day. Some crafting materials and a mothers day card, copied and printed collage from my Book of dreams. I thought it appropriate with tant grön (a character from another Swedish children’s book writer and illustrator) since my mother loves her garden and has green fingers too. I made several of these for the market, and sold some. One I sold to Maria who has uploaded a picture of hers with the text added to flickr.

My mom liked the home made calling cards best, with her name, a pink rose and blue backside – and the address to the shop!

I haven’t crafted or worked on the shop this weekend, I’ve been taking pictures at Sweden’s biggest boulder event (where I meet a cute dog called Molly, a few kid mini-climbers and had great coffee). So much fun, it filled up this month on flickr!

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  1. Ja, är dom inte bäst så säg! Mammorna alltså! Bra idé om barnböckerna, det finns ju så många som är himla braiga och fina.

  2. I came upon your blog. Not sure how I found it, maybe searching for art journal pictures? Anyway, I just wanted to say that for some reason I’m very drawn to reading your blog. You seem to “normal” :) I like your perspective and your honesty. Very refresing! And I love the links you provide. I’m a mixed media artist and find so many blogs have the same thing over and over.

    You might enjoy my friend Charlott’es blog, too. It’s at

    Thanks for writing for us!

  3. Congratulations to your mother who quit the bad habit of smoking!!!

    “Totte bygger” has always been my favourite Totte book. My daugther got this from a friend of mine at Christmas and nowadays we read it every day. Other favourites of ours are “Barbapapa” and “Lotta p? Br?kmakargatan” for their awesome illustrations.

  4. Herre min je va mycke fint du har gjort, jag blir s????? avundsjuk.
    De gr? nallarna ?r helt suver?na, katten var ocks? helgullig.
    Du ?r gulligast av allt.
    Puss fr?n no smoking mom.

  5. congratulations to your mom!! what a wonderful accomplishment! i have just passed my three year mark since I quit, and my mom just quit about a month or so ago, too (something i never thought i would see!). i wish everyone could find a way to quit, it is just such a terrible risk to our health!!

    such lovely things you always post here — books and art and supplies such a feast for the eyes :)

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