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Collectable vintage Scrap die-cuts | Glanzebilder ...

Oblaten, Glanzbilder, Victorian scrap diecuts, bokmšrken, Sammelbilder, collectible glossy prints… What ever you call them, you’ll find a favorite image among them – or hundreds! There are roses, birds, animals, pretty ladies, faries, babies, cartoon characters, angels, real or imaginary royalty, santas, seasonal and celebratory images. And more! As you might have guessed already, I […]

Polka Dot Bag

A very girly and super cute thing, just for me. Yes, I got myself a polka dot bag. Too small for travel adventures but perfect for embroidery floss and tiny projects. Just perfect because it makes me happy! PS: Not bought today, a while back. But still makes me smile when I see it. Related […]

Hello Sandybell, Hello memorylane

I’m posting a video to my blog today – just because I can and it’s fashionable to do it. Did you notice that Everybody is doing it these days? I think it will be so cool when we’re getting moving pictures, audio and music into blogging now! I’ll be back with something more creative that […]

Stop smoking please

I’ve been a non smoking generation member since I was a kid. It was a great campaign that promoted non-smoking to kids and it was what stopped me from even wanting to try a cigarette when I was young – and I haven’t tried one so far. Ever. But to my sadness mom has been […]