My bag
In a bag that mom has sewed specially for me I took this pile of letters back to the one who wrote them…

Letters from a friend
Project #1. Find your old letters
I’ve ticked of number on in Yamaguchi’s book 52 Projects: Gather up all of the letters that one of your oldest friends has sent to you over the years. I didn’t photocopy them, as Yamaguchi suggested, because my friend wrote page after page and to copy them all would take for ever. And half the feeling is there in the different colours of ball pen’s she has used, and the different papers and how they feel… I found them in the attic and borrowed the pile back to her. She was thrilled, and very thankfull.

But before I gave them back I read the pile, and that was the best part. Reading about her life back then reminded me of my own life ten years ago. Reading the questions she sent me made me smile. And the heavyness of the pile, wich is not even half of all the letters I have recived, felt so nice. I remembered our friendship in the best of ways.