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Summer Inspiration Mosaic

Summer time is so full of inspiration! I have so much that I’d like to post, create and edit on the computer but I’m also starting to realize many of you are away on holiday right now, and summer is soon to be over. Every possible minute of August we should all try to spend […]

Link Love: RSS, Feminism and Flickr

May is over already, can you believe it? Spring exploded after a very long winter and now everything is lush green. Next up: summer days. How will we spend our summer days? I could revisit last years Summer Manifesto, a lot of my ideas never became excursions. Maybe this summer they will. At least there […]

Inspiration Mosaic – April 2013

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. Heraclitus Happy Creative May! Let’s step into a new river this month! Click on the image to visit flickr and see the original photos, or view big. If you want to make your own […]

Weekly Inspiration: Pale like Ice

Happy February sweet ones! It’s the #valentinemonth – yay! Now, I would like to know: what inspires you? This is what I’m inspired by right now: unusual self-portraits; the pale blue colour of ice, sky, ocean and snow; tiny notebooks; collections of little things; work tables (messy or extremely neat) and worn, wooden table tops; […]

Simplifying the process

First Day, collage made by iHanna on January 1st 2013. This was the first collage of the year in the 365 in 2013 challenge, now also known as the 365 somethings – open for those of you who wants to join in and challenge yourself! I tend to add in many very small bits on […]

Pinterest visual image party

Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to. John Ed Pearce Pinterest Last week when it was raining I was hooked on Pinterest for a few hours. It’s a great visual party going on over there, and you should join in and start to collect […]

Flick through past photos

When I read Kim’s post Five years in photos I thought it was quite interesting as I just noticed my Nikon d50 camera had its fifth birthday (yesterday) and I have been looking through my photo folders several times lately. Kim talks about Pummelvision, a new website by Jake Lodwick that creates a video of […]

Summer Inspiration images in June + music

I’m inspired by embroidery, patchwork and warm colors in June. All these images can be found among my flickr favorites. You might also want to view it in a bigger size and then right click to use as your desktop background. Click on the image above to see where each image came from. Oh, and […]

New Scanner and other fun toys for me

Over at Flickr Toys there is a new feature, called Warholizer. I tried a couple of different photos, but most of them turned out really ugly. This one was kind of okey. My favorite it still themosaic maker though. Wish reminds me that it is a new month, time to do a new Mosaic of […]