Summer Inspiration images in June + music

Inspiration June  2008
I’m inspired by embroidery, patchwork and warm colors in June.

All these images can be found among my flickr favorites. You might also want to view it in a bigger size and then right click to use as your desktop background. Click on the image above to see where each image came from.

Oh, and some music perhaps?

Tonight I was inspired by Theresa who like so many has made a playlist that playes automatic when you go to her blog. I prefer to put mine in a page that you can open if you want to and keep open if you feel like listening to the 12 great tracks that I put into it. It’s just great music – Hanna style! And the “radio” is a bear! Click on the page Inspiration above to see him! Or hmm… I’m adding him here to so you’ll all meet music in this post! ;-)


Click the play button on his stomach to listen!


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  1. Darn it, Hanna! I was going to get so much work done this morning. But, nooooo–Hanna has to go and post not just one but 36 beautiful and inspiring photos, compelling me to go see each of them, and each one leads to another, and, and, well, here it is almost noon and I’ve gotten no work done. Still . . . had a lot of fun–thank you!

  2. Lovely pictures! I had to look a little bit extra at the one showing tyvekbeads. Have you ever tried making pearls from magazines? I did it as a child and this semester i took it up again. I showed the kids (and teachers) in the school where I work. Many got absolutelt hooked. It?s more fun than you can imagine. Try it! :-)

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