Did you get the big news yet? I’m now a Knitty Calendar Girl. It feels pretty awesome.

Jag r Maj  - I'm May Calendar Girl for Knitty

Smilla is impressed to say the least!

I’m the May Girl of the year, hihi.

flickr_pinkindeedI’ve been spending some time at flickr.com where most of my recent photos are. I’ve made a new photo set called pink indeed that I thought was really fun to put together. I tried to find all my own pictures that are really intensively pink. I have quite a few, but far from enough. I need to start taking photos of more pink!

I also divided my thrifting pictures into two different sets, one of places and one of stuff aka my finds and things I’ve brought home.

flickr_thriftyplaces flickr_thriftedfinds I’ve never set out to record everything I buy, and I don’t, but when I get something that I want to tell you about I take some pictures, and now I’ve learned to like this collection of items photographed at random. Some are really horrible pictures, but some are inspiring and remind me of good days with mom and of my flickr fame.

In 2004 (can you believe how long ago that is?!!) we kept a Photographic journal online called Kra fotodagbok. I had so much fun with it, and I still enjoy all the pictures put in chronological order.

All honour to flickr.com, but I get a wee bit tired of it sometimes; how it looks and frames my photos. So for a bit of change, I’ve started a new Photo diary in Swedish, that you are welcome to visit. That is, if you want even more bits and pieces of my life. I’ll keep it in Swedish, but the photos speak the universal language I think. I don’t know if I’ll keep it for a year, or just until 10th of November when the Man returns home perhaps. We’ll see.

For now I’m catching “cat walks” with my camera as well as school hours and friends, and having fun at the same time. No demands or expectations of keeping it for ever or doing it a certain way. Some days there is just no photos I want to shoot, then I’ll do something else.

Might snap a photo like this one:


That’s what I’ve been up to lately. And longing for May of course.