I crocheted my first granny square (mormorsruta) in November last year, this is what I wrote back then:
Vi tv? looks good together right

I think it is to many holes in it to be a scarf? But it was fun to make it, I have lots of tiny balls of yarn that I could use? Maybe I’ll just try it anyway.

So from time to time I’ve crocheted a granny square or two, and this autumn all the squares finally was sewn together! Hurry, I really enjoy finishing stuff.

Here is me, Smilla and the granny square scarf out on a test tour:

Mosaic med mig och Smilla
Photos by my friend Maria (thank you)!

Granny square scarf for me

I’ve crocheted a tiny border around the edge and I’m in love with the result. Isn’t it pretty? Not at all what I envisioned and had seen in my mind, but I still like it a lot. I just can’t imagine ever ever making something bigger than this in crocheted squares. Just sewing all the pieces together took for ever!


And my favorite picture of the cat right now:


Smilla is so beautiful, but because she is also very fuzzy and light, it’s hard to get a good photo of her. But outside in natural light she looks her best! She is the best, maybe I should marry her?

Maria och brjan p en sjalAfter the cat and photo walk we went inside to knit and crochet some. Maria is making a beautiful scarf, see picture (that she’s cast on for at least five times now). I’m doing multiple projects, so many that I don’t know what to do when I have time really. What was I going to do today? Hmmm… I’ll just have to stop blogging for a start. But, I wanted to tell you that today is special.

I’ve been engaged to my dude for two freaking years today. Gee, what is happening? It feels strange to spend the day alone, to celebrate this alone, but I really appreciate that somebody else is sharing his bed right now. I prefer my cozy bed to the edge of a cliff, anytime, even though they have pretty great views all around!

Calendar girl

And who am I to complain? I get great stuff in the mail all the time, I’m going to sell my stuff at two Christmas fairs and the sun is shining today (no rain!!!). I entered the 2007 calendar contest for Knitty, and guess what? I’m one of the winners! Can’t show the picture yet, but I can reveal that it is very colorful, very Swedish and you can almost see my bum on the pic! Ick! Check out last years calendar to see some beautiful knitting images. Can’t wait to see this for real!