Without great solitude no serious work is possible. Pablo Picasso

I took some time for solitude and creating in the studio this week, and finished the last pile of collages. Yesterday I posted week 49, and today I’m here with week 50, which makes this collages 344 to 350 of 365 Collages in 2018. Yay! Celebration is near, but of course around here, we celebrate all blog posts and creative expressions, right?!

Life Map - Collage no 344 by iHanna
Life Map – Collage no 344 by iHanna.

I will let these collages speak for themselves, but before that, if you do plan to do a 365 project next year, I have some recommended reading for you. For example, read How to Plan for a 365 Project of your own from 2013, where I outline what you should think about when deciding what kind of project you want to do. From there you’ll find posts I’ve written about how to stay organized and other useful information.

Let me know below what you’re planning for 2019!

Here are my collages for today:

Male Chauvinism - Collage no 345 by iHanna
Male Chauvinism – Collage no 345 by iHanna.

Prejudice against Orange - Collage no 346 by iHanna
Prejudice against Orange – Collage no 346 by iHanna.

Must it be spelled out - Collage no 347 by iHanna
Must it be spelled out – Collage no 347 by iHanna.

Hidden in plain Sight - Collage no 348 by iHanna
Hidden in plain Sight – Collage no 348 by iHanna.

Explained with other words - Collage no 349 by iHanna
Explained with other words – Collage no 349 by iHanna.

Birds view - Collage no 350 by iHanna
Birds view – Collage no 350 by iHanna.

This project is part of my 365 Somethings 2018 and I call it 365 Collages by iHanna.

A lot of 365 projects

My friend Tammy is doing the same thing over on her blog, and she finished her 365 Projects of inked cards months ago, although she has not posted them all to her blog yet. Her latest was number 242 in her blog post Mini-Patterns, Mandalas & Beaches. I love them all so much. And a lot of others has been joining us in our “365 somethings” project this year! Tammy wrote about how awesome it is that a few of them has documented their projects on their blogs:

“This is no small feat – its logistically complicated and takes a lot of dedication – so I wanted to point you in their direction! Lenna is doing 365 art cards, Hanna is creating square format collages, Jane is creating tiny stitched collages, Alison is making collages on tea bags, and Cindy is creating art cards with hearts.”

Earlier today I wrote this on my Instagram:

Thanks everyone who joined and made #365somethings2018 so fabulous, it’s been a lot of fun creating along with all of you!

And if you are not at 365 somethings by tomorrow, don’t fret over it my dears. Next year will have more glorious beautiful days to continue this creative habit! 😚 Let it flow over into 2019 and celebrate all your accomplishments instead of beating yourself down for what you didn’t finish. 💕



Also, the hashtag #365somethings2018 is full of awesome inspiration as is my Pinterest boards.

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Bonus: Feel free to take a look at the 2013 week 50 of collages, when I did a similar 365 project.

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