A Photo Project often start with one simple idea that spark your interest. The idea does not have to be genius or innovative, but it has to be something that interest you enough that you want to return to it from time to time (or else it won’t become a project). Ideas that I am drawn to often involve things that makes me happy, that sings with inspiration and joy in my heart.

Like pink flowers, for example.

Luktrt // Sweat Pea

Variety’s the very spice of life
that give it all its flavour.
William Cowper

This time my idea/project started on instagram as I photographed a spring flower earlier this year. The flower was lush pink and it had me thinking: Maybe I should document all the pink flowers I see? I gave it a hashtag, #pinkflowermission, which has became the project name. Spring was the perfect time to start, because this summer I’ve kept my eyes open at all times to spot pink flower for my mission to document and share them on instagram!

Sweat Pea in the neighbor's yard

The Pink Flower Mission is such a joy. It has made me into a #gardenstalker, leaning over fences of neighbors and strangers. But most flowers I’ve found in my parent’s wonderful garden.

I have found several favorites flowers. Maybe each new one I bend over to document becomes a favorite. Like this beauty:

Kalmia bud + flower
The Kalmia bush in my parent’s garden. I think it’s most beautiful as a bud…

I’ve also documented my own light pink Geranium several times, because it keeps blooming even though the leaves turns yellow when I forget to water it…

My own Geranium


You can find all the photos shared in the Pink Flower Mission on my instagram profile, iHannas, under the hashtag “pinkflowermission. So far I’m the only one using the hashtag, so I can make screen prints like this one, showing what I’ve photographed so far:

iHanna's #pinkflowermission project on instagram - so far (July 2014)

I think the variate of pink flowers in the world around me is so cool. There is so much to be amazed by, especially the tiny flowers intricate petals and patterns…

Pink Flowers Everywhere

This is my latest find, a beautiful Hollyhock leaning against the house opposite where I live:

Hollyhock outside my house

There are a lot of different flowers in the world. And rocks. And leaves, people, creatures, roads, sunsets and ocean waves… If you would document something continuously, say for a season, what would you pick?