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One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon – instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today. Dale Carnegie

50 Shades of Pink in The Pink Flower Mission by iHanna (Pink Peony) #desktopbackground

I was looking through some of the photos from this summer, and noticed that my Pink Flower Mission is evident not only on instagram. As usual I found lots of flower photos in the folders of my computer, and most of my flower photos are of pink flowers. Not too strange, since it is my favorite color. I’m drawn to it like a moth to the light.

I guess I am not just using my mobile phone camera, but also the small (and pink) Ixus and my big girl camera (Nikon d2500). So I’m sharing more pink flowers today, and a desktop background that my mom asked for. You can download it and use it all winter if you want to!

Free Desktop background featuring iHanna's Pink Flower Mission 2014, as seen on instagram (50 Shades of Pink in The Pink Flowers indeed)
Free Desktop background featuring iHanna’s Pink Flower Mission 2014, as seen on instagram. Click the image to view it big, then right click and choose: set as your desktop background. It will keep you warm.

Kolkwitzia #pinkflowermission photos by iHanna
50 shades of Pink #pinkflowermission photos by iHanna
Striped flowers #pinkflowermission photos by iHanna
Astrantia major #pinkflowermission photos by iHanna
Mårbacka #pinkflowermission photos by iHanna
Geranium in pink #pinkflowermission photos by iHanna
Onion flower #pinkflowermission photos by iHanna

I love flowers. Period. Especially pink ones. And striped ones. And those that have layer upon layer of petals in different shades. And those that fill your entire head with a lovely smell of summer. And those tiny ones that you almost don’t notice until you are on your knees in the grass…

And actually not 50 shades, but more like 50 million shades of pink (and some purples too)… and I like each and every one of them.

** Follow me on instagram where I’m @ihannas – for more daily beauty and sprinkles of pink in many shades…

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  1. The flowers are beautiful, Hanna and I love the background, it’ll surely bring some sense of summer to me during our long cold winters here. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. Your pink flower collection made me smile, what a lovely way to start my day! The sky is grey outside but the sun might peek through any moment now and I definitely will go outside to ‘smell the roses’ today! Hope your day is bright, happy and colourful! Hug from Holland! p.s. I’ll be back to look at your take on the ‘starburst-tangent’…

  3. Beautiful shades of pink. My favorite color! You came to my Blogger Blog. I left my regular site. Thank you for your comment on the sunsets! It was our vacation in Colorado, in the U.S. Your blog is wonderful. I am enjoying perusing it.

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