Brocante is French for flea market. Have you ever visited one?

I’m back in Sweden and hey, it’s Tuesday! So here is a self portrait of me from this summer in France:

Self portrait

I took it at a brocante in Ardeche, France. Brocante is French for flea market, and it’s a new word for me. But this flea market was more of a beautiful exhibition and antique fair to me, than good finds and bargains. But I love eye candy as well as cheap finds, so it was a great day.

There were sun, lots of old stuff to admire, and I did not leave empty handed. Phew…

Brocante Inspiration

A whole box of old school stamps with small and cute motives: a tent, a wine farmer, a tree, a window and three different little family like this one below:

So cute!


I got this ampersand sign (&) carved in wood for 1 Euro!

I found it digging in big box full of different type faces. I loved them all, but could only bring my self to buy one, since I didn’t know what they are for and what I could use it in… Now I wish I had bought more. Imagine these in a shrine?!

Brocante find - the ampersand block
Here is my little &-thing photographed with some of my mothers flower arrangements. I will put the & in my book shelf when I get home.

If you would like to see my picture’s from this days brocante you can visit flickr and see them as a photo album or a slide show!

This flea market was the only one I could locate while in France, where did they hide all their second hand (cheap) goodies in France? Not a flea market loppis anywhere in sight, and believe me, I did look for one.