Journaling - as it should always be (at the island of Grinda)

Enjoying: summer as much as I can, when ever I can. I’ve been having very low energy for days on end, but when I find energy I try to spend it outdoors. June has already provided two BBQ-dinners with family and some lovely excursions, so I can’t complain really. I have captured lots of photos along the way, and had wonderful creative times outdoors. There is few things better than a blanket in nature, a notebook and some pens or watercolors by your side! The above photo is from an excursion to Grinda, a tiny island in the archipelago of Stockholm.

Planning: a re-design of my blog! I haven’t changed the theme of my wordpress blog for several years, mostly because I’m so comfortable with this one and know where everything is. But it’s outdated and I really long for something new! I need a theme that will work better on a smart phone/tablet and in general give me a fresh start… I’m hoping to do a switch in July, and hope that you will take the time to give me some feedback when that day comes.

Obsessing over: the Midori Traveler’s Notebooks. I haven’t seen them IRL, and probably won’t until in a few years when they come to Sweden, but for now I’m happy just looking at them online – and making my own fauxdori inserts which is what I’m playing with at the moment. I’m obsessed with their tall, thin size and the idea of keeping several notebooks together in one cover! I want to make my own covers as soon as i get a few eyelets. When low on energy I’m watching tutorials on youtube, planner girl hauls and the Reset Girl on repeat!

Thinking: about my word of the year: writing. But writing: not too much unfortunately, though I did take time the other day to write a few morning pages in my diary. Writing, in what ever form it takes, feels good to me. That’s why it’s my word. I need to remember that.

Doodeling: a lot of flowers as usual, in all of my current notebooks, my art journal and on a few loose leaf papers floating about on my desk. Today I got myself a 5-pack of black pens called Uni Pin fine line pens in sizes 01,02, 03, 05 and 08! I have only tried them for an hour tonight, but I think I’m in love. They are awesome!

Longing: to crank out lots of blog posts for you guys, but not really finding (or taking?) the time/energy to edit all those photos waiting to be uploaded & blogged. There is so many things I want to share, write about and show you. But I thought a current-list of what I’m up to right now could be fun to try. And this is it. What do you think?

Wondering: What’s up with you?