Journaling - as it should always be (at the island of Grinda)

Enjoying: summer as much as I can, when ever I can. I’ve been having very low energy for days on end, but when I find energy I try to spend it outdoors. June has already provided two BBQ-dinners with family and some lovely excursions, so I can’t complain really. I have captured lots of photos along the way, and had wonderful creative times outdoors. There is few things better than a blanket in nature, a notebook and some pens or watercolors by your side! The above photo is from an excursion to Grinda, a tiny island in the archipelago of Stockholm.

Planning: a re-design of my blog! I haven’t changed the theme of my wordpress blog for several years, mostly because I’m so comfortable with this one and know where everything is. But it’s outdated and I really long for something new! I need a theme that will work better on a smart phone/tablet and in general give me a fresh start… I’m hoping to do a switch in July, and hope that you will take the time to give me some feedback when that day comes.

Obsessing over: the Midori Traveler’s Notebooks. I haven’t seen them IRL, and probably won’t until in a few years when they come to Sweden, but for now I’m happy just looking at them online – and making my own fauxdori inserts which is what I’m playing with at the moment. I’m obsessed with their tall, thin size and the idea of keeping several notebooks together in one cover! I want to make my own covers as soon as i get a few eyelets. When low on energy I’m watching tutorials on youtube, planner girl hauls and the Reset Girl on repeat!

Thinking: about my word of the year: writing. But writing: not too much unfortunately, though I did take time the other day to write a few morning pages in my diary. Writing, in what ever form it takes, feels good to me. That’s why it’s my word. I need to remember that.

Doodeling: a lot of flowers as usual, in all of my current notebooks, my art journal and on a few loose leaf papers floating about on my desk. Today I got myself a 5-pack of black pens called Uni Pin fine line pens in sizes 01,02, 03, 05 and 08! I have only tried them for an hour tonight, but I think I’m in love. They are awesome!

Longing: to crank out lots of blog posts for you guys, but not really finding (or taking?) the time/energy to edit all those photos waiting to be uploaded & blogged. There is so many things I want to share, write about and show you. But I thought a current-list of what I’m up to right now could be fun to try. And this is it. What do you think?

Wondering: What’s up with you?

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  1. Enjoying winter sunshine every time it’s available.
    Planning for my trip to the USA.
    Wondering why I bother washing the salt off my windows when two days later they look as though I’d never done it at all!

  2. I’ve been dealing with all the things that slowed down/broke down during Mercury Retrograde! So far that includes our camera battery, laptop, air conditioner, and my piccolo. And also we’re moving house (in the same town), so there’s work to be done in the new house and boxes to pack and then boxes to unpack, and furniture to buy. Ack! I could use someone who’s better at inspiration boards than me to help with decorating ;-)

  3. I’m determined to enjoy this summer. As a children’s librarian, this like retail Christmas, very busy. But I’m trying every day to take time for myself, a walk, some free writing. Be well, and thanks for sharing your world and work with us.

  4. Enjoying – reading what’s up with you
    Celebrating – my birthday week (to be honest I stretch it to birthday month as much as I can!)
    Creating – fun times with paper and stitch
    Planning – a beach walk on a less wet and windy day
    Envious – that you are in summer…I guess ours will roll around again soon enough
    Hoping – you are having a happy week x o

  5. We’ve been having a very cool spring/summer on the island so far. We’ve had exactly two really warm days and I couldn’t be happier. It’s perfect weather for walking. I don’t like heat or even moderate warmth, so these temps between 14 and 18 Celsius with pleasant winds are perfect for me. Add some sunshine and lots of fluffy white clouds and I’m in paradise right now. Some people around me are dying for it to get warmer, but I keep secretly wishing for it to stay this way all summer. ;-)

    It also means I can still actually work in my studio (which is under a slanted roof facing south and turns into a sauna when it’s really warm outside). I’ve been doing my morning paintings faithfully every morning, mostly gouache. I’m doodling patterns and colourful shapes in my sketchbooks. Just got a beautiful beautiful beautiful (yes had to see that thrice) set of polychromos pencils and am having a blast testing them out.

    I plan to make some mail art this weekend for my snail mail listers, decorate a calendar in my midori TN (yes I have one and totally get your infatuation) and continue prepping my next journal since my current one is starting to enter its final stages. Still a few weeks to go, but better safe than sorry. ;-)

    No vacation plans this summer, but I am thinking of taking another city trip for a long weekend or something. We’ll see…not to far away, will probably stay in the Netherlands.

    Reading ‘The golem and the jinni’ and loving it so far. Also very slowly leaving through Dawn Sokol’s ‘A world of artist journal pages’ and feeling honoured to be among such talent.

    Just printed tons of photographs that still need to be cut out and can then be used in my picture book, my journal and my mail art.

    Having lunch break right now, and then just two more hours before I head home early for a nice long weekend. So, you caught me at a good time, haha.

  6. i just moved across town and am settling into my new, tiny apartment. dreaming about how to decorate while most of my stuff is in boxes. i’m waiting to score cheap furniture… then i am going to set up all my art supplies and never put them away again. i’ve missed being able to do this!

    also want a brand new blog look. and, well, internet. have to get it set up at home still.

  7. Hanna, I too have thought about and obsessed over getting a Midori but then I started looking at the Filofaxes … now I am not sure what it is I want. lol

    After looking at the Midori for awhile, I decided that I’m afraid that the size of it [being longer than wider] would probably get on my nerves so kind of ruled that out [though I hear many people love them!]

    And as for the Filofax – well, the size I would want would be an A5 ‘cuz I think it’d be the perfect size for me, however – the ring size for them is only 1 inch and I’m afraid it wouldn’t hold enough papers like I’d want it to so now I’m just stuck as to what I really do want to get. Will keep looking though – eventually I’ll figure something out. lol

    Have a nice day and enjoy your summer. : )

  8. oh Hanna, I love your blog anyway, but I love this post so much. I think it is the honesty and vulnerability. I am used to trying to balance my energy levels against everything I want to do, so I really understand. Currently, I’m…
    Enjoying a bit of a boost in my ideas and vision for my creativity and business, and also embracing that blogs and social networking feed into that so much and so it’s okay to spend time reading them.
    Planning where I want my business to begin, and how to balance creativity for business with creativity for sheer joy.
    Obsessing over planners in general, I have a hobonichi techo, a Filofax and a brand new get to work book. I am trying not to think about the midori travellers!
    Thinking about friendship, new ones, those that are deepening, and sadly, some that are fading.
    Doodling zentangles. I resisted them for a long time because I was worried they would affect my art too much, but I’ve been enjoying them lately.
    Longing to create a gathering for art journallers to gather and make art together in person.

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