Have you ever seen a Pizza Postcard? I hadn’t either until I made it up!

Pizza Postcard Idea (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

After Mikael and I had pizza the container box went into the paper recycling bin as usual. The day after I was making collages in my art journal, drawing mostly. I wanted to use up some of all the beautiful flower images I had cut out from a magazine and happened to glance over at the bag filled with newspaper and boxes to take to the recycling place… I grabbed the top piece, our leftover pizza box, and used it! It’s a strong paper so why not?

The lid was not greasy at all, so I drew lines and cut out some paper pieces to glue images on! I did the magazine collage on one side (the outside of the box) and wrote on the backside because it (the inside) was plain white non-glossy (thus easy to write and add a stamp on)!


Pizza Postcard Foundation Idea (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

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