Beautiful Swedish Midsummer Weekend 2015 blogged by iHanna

When it felt like summer was just about to start, there was Midsummer (this past Friday) – telling us that half of what we in Sweden call summer has already passed…

Woops, where did that time go?

But I think it is a good half bench mark to take note of. If you didn’t take advantage of summer (light & warmer weather) and spent some time in nature in June, you better do it for the later part of this month and then in July and August as much as you can. I think I am doing pretty good so far, with the enjoying summer thing.

I believe I can Fly

For this Midsummer weekend I jumped into an airplane to take a domestic ride up north, where the sun disappears for only 2 hours each night and because of that, it never gets totally dark outside…

It makes it hard to go to bed in the evening, but I’m a night owl so I don’t mind staying up late. And it’s right about now that I feel very nationalistic too. Sweden – with its magnificent nature and varied seasons – is so beautiful!

Balcony Flower and watercolors

I don’t have a garden or even a balcony of my own, so when I have the chance to enjoy the outdoors, I try to make up for it. I’ve been watercolor doodeling each morning on the balcony since I got here. And it’s awesome to have coffee and watercolors outside. All flowers I post over on instagram are in someone elses garden, but non the less, I enjoy their beauty a lot, still posting to my pink flower mission.

The June I did-list and Midsummer weekend photos by iHanna

Instead of writing a Summer Manifesto like so many others are doing I started a June List in my diary. It’s where I write the things I’m enjoying and have done this month. It just kind of happened, but I’m loving the idea of this list. It’s a true summer manifesto, because it’s not a wish list, it’s a I-did-this-list!

Jurassic World & Cinema Owly

On my list is a lot of creative stuff, like sketching and photographing. And tonight I’m also adding: going to the cinema. I saw Jurassic World tonight and really enjoyed it a lot, it’s the kind of movie you should see in a cinema chair, especially on a rainy night like tonight.

I hope you’re adding fun stuff to your June-list too?