All-over-Collage – process in Summer Junk Journal

All over collage in a Junk journal made by iHanna

Something I like to do every now and then in my Art Journals, and more often in altered books, is to create an “all-over collage” type of page. A collage of colours mostly, of magazine backgrounds and maybe patterned papers that fills the entire page from top to bottom or like today, from right to left page to create a happy, fun spread.

I filmed this process, so in today’s video we will be creating yet another fun page in my Summer Junk Journal that is almost full, which is great since fall is in the air!

Art Journal with me: All Over Collage Spread

So, here’s the video. I hope it inspires you to make something similar in your own journal.

If you’re reading this via e-mail you might not see the embedded video above, then click here – and don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up, it really helps others find this inspiration too!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this kind of collage page, let me know in the comments on this blog post or as a comment on YouTube. :-)

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All over collage in a Junk journal (with video process) made by iHanna

I love all the small elements just as they are, and together glued down on a page they’re just where I want them. Yum!

And yes. It’s a messy, hard life, but a page like this makes my heart happy.

Summer Junk Journal series

This video is part 4 in this specific junk journal that I’ve filled over the summer. The other parts are:

Check them out if you haven’t seen them yet, and let me know what kind of things you like to see in the future from me.

4 Responses

  1. This turned out so pretty! Thanks for the fun video of you creating, and the beautiful photography on your blog! Crazy to be saying goodbye to summer already – it feels like it just started. Time goes by so quickly!

    • Waaay too quickly sometimes. But autumn this past week has been so beautiful so I am not complaining (yet)…

  2. I love this journal, can’t wait to see the video! I just signed up for the postcard swap. I’m actually ahead of the game this time :)

    • Thanks Patty, edited the flip-through and it is coming up later this week. So glad you wanted to join again. It feels like old friends gathering when people I “know” join the swap! :-)

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