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Ask More Questions – painting by Michelle Allen Studio via Instagram, used with permission

It’s a new year, actually a whole new decade! I have high hopes that this year and the coming decade will be filled with dreams coming true and hope for the future blossoming in new generations. But when I think of all the things I want to create I get a little overwhelmed. There are so many projects I want to continue to work on, to start working on or finish, to plan out, to share with you, to make or come up with in the coming months… But since I simply can not do all of it at once, or even work on two projects at the same time, I need to take a deep breath and do as I usually do. Take one step at a time. Right? It’s all you can do, and we all know it even though we keep trying to do it all at once at times…

We need to start, probably today, and do one thing, take one step, think one thought through at a time.

Journaling Questions to print & answer - by iHanna

I recently finished a book that was about time, and our perception of time. How we often think that time is running away from us, that we have too little time or no time at all. Time is always lacking, in our mind. But the author stated that this way of thinking is not true. It is simply not true that we don’t have enough time. There is always more time, every hour is followed by more hours!

Time is not lacking, it is abundant. I love that thought, and I will try to incorporate it more this year. Thinking that I have plenty of time to do all the things I want to do, although still just one thing at a time.

One thing that I want to use my time for is journaling…

Starting a New Diary (video)

As my ongoing diary is now filled, I decided it was high time (time!) to start a new diary for the new year. Here’s how that happened (more about the pdf of printable journaling questions below):

If you can’t see the video watch it on YouTube: Starting in a New Journal – and while you’re there please subscribe & give the video a thumbs up. Thanks.

The pen I’m using to letter the quote is a Japanese pen called Fudenosuke Tombow Brush Pen, in case you want to check it out. I forgot to mention it in the video even though I tried to show it. :-) The color of my new Moleskine is called Willow Green. Yum!

Do you take time out of your day (or week) to journal? It’s good for you, you know.

Girl Power Sticker on my diary

Ask more questions

What kind of things do you write about in your diary/journal? And do you dare to ask some (hard) questions in it? I think that answering questions is the key to self development. It helps us notice and see what we don’t want to see or notice, and maybe, just maybe – to deal with some of the things.

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I’ve written about this before: Journaling practice: Ask Questions

Peek into my diary answering questions

I don't know Truman Capote quote handwritten by iHanna

Printable Journaling Questions

Sending out my first Newsletter for the year now, with the PDF with my printable questions. Hopefully you’ll find them in your inbox in a jiffy. If not, please feel free to sign up for my Newsletter – and you’ll hear from me soon.