I have already read more this year than any previous year, mostly thanks to audio books while I do embroidery or other crafts. But since fall is coming on strong, why not ponder what to read next already? It is always fun to look at books newly published, and dream about tea, candle light and reading days to come.

I really wish I could have all these by my nightstand already, but here’s my to-be-read-list for fall in case you too need some inspiration!

1. Words of Inspiration

If you’re in need of some inspiration, I think this book will do the trick. You Will Leave a Trail of Stars: Words of Inspiration for Blazing Your Own Path by Lisa Congdon, who I’ve followed online for years.

From the Book blurb:

In this illustrated guide to life—perfect for graduates and other seekers—acclaimed artist and educator Lisa Congdon offers up wisdom and insights for living. Each inspirational quote, lesson, and piece of advice is brought to life by Congdon’s signature illustration style, making the book a beautiful gift or keepsake. Whether you’re starting a new chapter of your own story, or simply searching for ways to live with more intention, curiosity, and joy, this book will inspire you to connect with yourself and prepare for any adventure life might have in store.

2. Layers of Meaning

New this year, Layers of Meaning: Elements of Visual Journaling by Rakefet Hadar, sounds very intereting to me.

From the Book Blurb:

Visual Journey Journaling” is an innovative artistic method taught by Rakefet Hadar and made up of seven elements: Intention, Magical Coincidence, Background, Images, Lines, Color, and Text. Visual Journey Journaling invites you to a fascinating world where you connect with your hidden inner artist to create “soul pages” using simple techniques and subtle guidelines to take a look inside yourself. Rakefet has taught these methods for many years, guiding even inexperienced artists to find and express the stories within themselves.

3. Mixed Media Color Studio

If you haven’t seen Kellee Wynne on instgram yet you must have been living under a rock… And now her first book is just out: Mixed Media Color Studio: Explore Modern Color Theory to Create Unique Palettes and Find Your Creative Voice by Kellee Wynne Conrad. I want to read it for sure.

From the Book Blurb:

You’ll learn how to develop your own unique style using acrylic paint, pastels, graphite, ink, and more. See how to mix colors to make signature palettes and get inspired to try new, exciting combinations of colors, materials, and methods that will take your artwork and imagination further.

The imaginative projects include expert information on how to work with colors to evoke moods, emotions, and energy for dynamic landscapes, calming seascapes, vibrant abstract florals, layered architectural pieces, and much more. Discover easy techniques that add texture, details, and interest to your artwork.

4. The Self-Care Year

I spotted this book via Instagram, and fell in love with the title, The Self-Care Year: Reflect and Recharge with Simple Seasonal Rituals by Alison Davies – coming out soon. It is beautifully illustrated, and full of things I already like.

From the book blurb:

Offering tips and rituals for better sleep, yoga positions, breathing and meditation exercises, as well as simple craft projects and seasonal affirmations, this book is for those who are seeking a slower pace and want to carve out quiet, mindful moments in their lives. Whether you’re a lover of the first buds of spring, a summer sun worshipper, a fan of the crisp burnt offerings as the year turns or a winter wonderland devotee, there is something for everyone.

5. Inner Calm

I must have missed this book when it came out, but now I want to read it ASAP! Outer Order, Inner Calm is written by favorite author Gretchen Rubin. Yes please. It’s all about decluttering and organizing, something I love to do but even more, to just relax and read about. ;-)

From the Book Blurb:

Gretchen Rubin knows firsthand that creating order can make our lives happier, healthier, more productive, and more creative. But for most of us, a rigid, one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work. When we tailor our approach to suit our own particular challenges and habits, we can find inner calm.

With a sense of fun, and a clear idea of what’s realistic for most people, Rubin suggests dozens of manageable tips and tricks for creating a more serene, orderly environment.

I loved her book The Happiness Project, and will keep reading any books she publishes.

6. A peek into some Remarkable Diaries

It’s not just me, then? Who loves all things other people’s notebooks as well as my own notebooks? This book is called Remarkable Diaries: The World’s Greatest Diaries, Journals, Notebooks, & Letters and I really, really would like to own a copy of this book!

From the Book Blurb:

Arranged chronologically, Remarkable Diaries takes you into the pages of the world’s greatest diaries, notebooks, and letters, including those of Samuel Pepys, Henry-David Thoreau, the Goncourt brothers, Virginia Woolf, and Anne Frank. Stunning reproductions of the original notebooks and manuscripts are complemented by extracts and quotations, and illustrated features set the diaries in their cultural and historical context.

Essential reading for everyone who is passionate about history and literature, Remarkable Diaries provides a fascinating insight into the everyday lives, thoughts, and feelings of men and women through the centuries.


7. Expressive Sketchbooks

This book came out last year, but looking at it online I know I’d enjoy it: Expressive Sketchbooks: Developing Creative Skills, Courage, and Confidence by Helen Wells. Her definition of a sketchbook is similar to mine about what an art journal is, and it looks a lot like mixed media on her pages.

From the book blurb:

An expressive sketchbook is a place for you to explore, express, and enjoy your own innate creativity on your own terms. It is a safe playground for the imagination—a place to mess about, play, and experiment—and to gain confidence in your abilities as you develop your skills.

Expressive Sketchbooks offers techniques and creative exercises that incorporate mark making, watercolor, mixed media, collage, words and text, and more. It unpacks some of the obstacles and barriers that you may face along the way and offers wisdom and encouragement to help you decide why and how to start your sketchbook and how to develop and expand your artistic practice.

Time for some craft books to end the list of books I want to read as soon as possible this fall.

8. Craft time with Papier Mache

I want to read Papier Mache: A step-by-step guide to creating more than a dozen adorable projects! by Sarah Hand, another cool woman I follow on Instagram. This newly published book is sure to make you and any kids you have or know, get crafty ASAP!

From the book blurb:

The perfect tactile and environmentally conscious art form, papier mache uses simple, affordable, and recyclable tools and can be made easily at home. This accessible guide covers the tools, materials, and techniques for making papier mache, followed by step-by-step projects for making quirky, whimsical, folk art–inspired: home decor, gifts, jewelry, dolls, animal figurines and much more.

Now for some books on textile art, because that’s another of my passions.

9. Fragmentation

Fragmentation and Repair: for Mixed-Media and Textile Artists by Shelley Rhodes, also newly out this year.

From the book blurb:

Fragmentation and repair are two of the biggest buzzwords in textile and mixed-media art. In this fascinating book, renowned artist Shelley Rhodes explores both concepts, with a wealth of fresh ideas and practical advice.

Drawing on her own practice, Shelley explains how she reconstructs and reassembles cloth, paper and other materials to create new pieces, often incorporating found objects and items she has collected over the years to add depth and emotional resonance. From piercing and devoré to patching and darning, techniques…

And lastly a book that is actually waiting for me right now:

10. Textiles Transformed

When this came out I ordered it as soon as I could, but I haven’t read it yet, so it is still on my TBR-list for fall!

It is called  Textiles Transformed: Thread and thrift with reclaimed textiles by Mandy Pattullo, who also wrote the very inspiring book Textile Collage that I love.

From the Book Blurb:

Following the make-do-and-mend and folk art traditions of previous generations, Mandy provides simple instructions for working with a variety of vintage textiles and precious fragments. There are projects for working with quilts, patchworks, linen, lace, wool and even deconstructing pre-loved garments.

Each project beautifully demonstrates how fabrics and textiles can find a new and repurposed life and will inspire textile artists to incorporate these past beauties into their own work.

Let’s get to sewing, I mean reading!

Have you read any of these books yet? Let me know which one you’d want to read first, or feel inspired to check out – in the comments below. 

I want to talk books with you!

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