Suitcase decoupage and a crafty picnic

Altered suitcase

Mitt projekt just nu Do you remember the red case I bought two years ago? It’s been sitting in the basement for too long and I wanted to do a big project so I took it up in the beginning of June. Then cleaned it up and transformed it to something a bit different…

Plus I’ve been thinking about storage all spring. About where to store my stuff. Looking around at home I’m amazed how few drawers and cupboards I have. It is not strange that it looks like a mess almost all the time! I don’t even have one single desk drawers for papers! I need a new desk (but that will have to wait).


I started adding text from a vintage book with decoupage glue to the suitcase lid. Sat outside in the sun with my favorite crafty girlfriends and had coffee and homemade cookies. It was a great day, and the random gluing of torn pages was perfect while talking with my crafty friends. No thinking or pattern needed!

The gluing and tearing part took much longer than I had expected, but it turned out great and changed both the look and the colour of the suitcase.

This is how it turned out:

Altered bag

Isn’t it lovely, unique – and quite shabby chic? :-)

Altered bag - inside

Inside I took the Scottish tartan out and glued in a light yellow cotton fabric with a cute rose print. This totally changed the suitcase (an original vintage sewing machine case I think)! I always ask my self: why did I wait so long (two years) to make this? And then: I want to alter another one!


And if you don’t want to alter a suitcase like that, I can really really really recommending a crafty picnic like the one we had. I thought my life was dull, so I invited my friends over for coffee and knitting/creating on a blanket in the sun. A picnic with crayons and beads, what could be better? If nobody else is arranging it, you have to do it!

This day will be one of the most beautiful memories from this summer for me.

Glad midsommar! Happy solstice!

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  1. A masterpiece!! You decoupaged the suitcase brilliantly! Love it.

    Glad Midsommar!

  2. Wow, den blev ju skitsnygg! Jag gillar i och f?r sig den r?da f?rgen den hade fr?n b?rjan ocks?, men den blev ju mer enhetlig med den gula f?rgen. En bra id? och ett snyggt utf?rande! :)

  3. Nice to see the suitcase finished! We had a great day in the park!! We have to have more of does days I think! Kram!

  4. Yeah!! I just bought a set of 4 hardcase suitcases, with the hope to decoupage them for storage for my growing family! I love how yours came out (love the sweet fabric you used!) …thanks for sharing your adventure, truly an inspiration to me!

    (I wish you would come over and do another one with me…doing it with a friend and coffee sounds like a dream!)

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

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