Art Journal | A Visual Feast for the Eyes

An art journal should be a visual feast for the eyes. When you open it up, it should bring you happiness and a few surprises, even when it’s your own journal!

When I look through my old art journals it’s like going to a great exhibition. They often make my heart flutter a bit. They make me happy because I’ve included things that really make my heart sing. The more I create the more I recognize what things and techniques makes me most happy and I add more of that…

A Visual Feast for the Eyes - created by iHanna

To get that visual fest, for myself, I need to work with collage, doodles, patterns, bright and happy colors. I need to mix things up a lot, so I don’t get bored with one color or one technique. I love adding a bit too much. I love exaggerations and colors that pop. I love when the pages feel like they’ve got something to say. That’s when I find myself on the page.

It’s been a while since I shared one of my regular art journal peeks, so I’ve got a lot to share. Let’s start with this doodely watercolor spread today…

Detail of watercolor painting - created by iHanna

Here’s some details/close ups of my watercolor art journal spread.

Detail of watercolor painting - created by iHanna

And the finished spread:

A Peek into the Art Journal of iHanna - created by iHanna

Thanks for letting me share my art journal pages with you, you’re the best!

If you’re interested in more of my art journaling style check out my workshop page and the massive and mile deep category art journaling here on the blog. Loads of yummy pages hidden in the archives – I’ve been doing this for years

Have a great day.

A Peek into the Art Journal of iHanna

5 Responses

  1. Love all your bright, happy colors! Thanks for the peek, Hanna! Definitely made me smile!

  2. And you’re the best! Love what you’ve showed off, very cool artwork. Love those dashes on the right hand page.

  3. Love the bright colours and those dashes look like love, and peace, going out to the universe. Gorgeous!

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