I am working on a funEaster Project right now. I started it a bit late but I wanted to share it with you because it is so vibrant and eastery! This project is all about repurposing an Old Embroidery that someone else made – one that I found on a table of second hand free stuff at The Embroidery Guild Annual Meeting last year. It was left by everyone else – so I thought I should take it home and do something with it, and now I am!

I think it would’ve been sad to see it thrown away…

Easter Embroidery: Before I cut it Up (detail)

The reason I wanted to do something new with it because I didn’t like all the brown that was the background of the original cross stitch embroidery…

Easter Embroidery: Before I cut it Up - photo by iHanna

Also, I’m a creative person so I think making my own wall hangings is more fun than hanging up what a unknown-to-me-person’s embroidery made from a bought pattern, even though the “before” image above is pretty cute. Cutting it up I’m making it more my own, more original and more artistic. Plus it was super fun experimenting with these ideas!

So I decided to repurpose this old embroidery and give it a new life in my home.

Repurposing a cross stitch embroidery into something new - idea by iHanna

Glad påsk of course means Happy Easter in Swedish, so I included that text too.

I cut out all the parts I wanted to save, the pink tulips and the cute little chickens, I sewed a colorful quilt on the sewing machine and placed the applique pieces out where I thought they belonged. I tried machine sewing one of the chicks to the fabric, but my machine didn’t want to do zig-zag, so I decided to hand embroider the rest.

Left Over Floss Box

I’ve been using bits of different left over threads on this quilt, there are a lot of happy color in my little tin. Here are the tulips, now stitched in place:

Re-Purposed Cross Stitch Tulip 2

Re-Purposed Cross Stitch Tulip 1

I won’t finish this mini quilt in time for this Easter (since it’salready here, haha), but just working on it makes me happy. I’m pretty sure I will do more repurposing of old embroidery in the future, incorporating it with my own embroidery, hand stitching and fun patterned fabrics like this.

Re-Purposed Cross Stitch on Easter Quilt - WIP by iHanna

Creating the background piece was just as fun, digging into my fabric stash for the first time in a long time. Love all these patterns and colors a lot.

Are you doing any Easter Crafting? Let me know if you’re painting eggs or decorating a tree perhaps…

Oh, I also wanted to show you these cute machine embroidered mug coasters that I got from my mom:

Easter Egg Coaster by Mom

Cute, right?

Lastly I want to wish you a very happy Easter! Take care.

Repurposing an old embroidery and giving it new life

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