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Sewing a fabric scarf is such a simple project that I hadn’t thought of making one myself… They’re so cheap and availible in every cloth store so why would one bother, right? But then I found this super happy and bright fabric in the fabric store that gave me cravings. I really wanted it, but didn’t know how I could justify buying it without a purpose. I’ve done that many times before, and some of those pretty fabrics are still in my stash – untouched and sad. But then my mom suggested I could sew a scarf from the fabric – and I was all like:

– What what what?

You can do that? Why didn’t I think of that before? What a fab idea, I’m gonna do it.

DIY Sewing project for beginners: FABRIC SCARF for spring

The first fabric is a sunshine yellow fabric with really a really light pink flamingo print. To brighten it up even more I bought a pom-pom ribbon in fluorescent orange, and added that to the bottom of the scarf in two rows.

DIY Sewing project for beginners: fabric shawl for spring made by @ihanna

Here are my two DIY Fabric Scarf Projects:

Two Home Sewn Scarfs by iHanna made by iHanna

The second fabric is a really shear one, with small coffee bean dots in each end and then bigger circles towards the middle. I so love how artistic it looks. It’s made to be a scarf, I think. And since it was such a bold print I didn’t add any extra ribbon or sass to it.

I bought just as much as I needed, a thin strip of each fabric. To make it a scarf I slowly folded the edge over twice, and pinned it down all around the length of the fabric. Then I sewed close to the edge on each length on the sewing machine to hide the raw edge, both along the length and the short ends too of course. And that’s it! DIY fashion at its easiest!

Two Home Sewn Scarfs by iHanna made by iHanna

Once the scarf is around my neck the fabric gets really scrunched up and you can’t see the flamingo print very well, but I don’t mind. I know it’s there and flamingos are awesome, right?

Two Home Sewn Scarfs by iHanna made by iHanna

I’m gonna have a look in my glue book for some more DIY fashion ideas, I feel inspired to sew something more for spring/summer soon!

Do you like sewing? Let me know if you sew for yourself, or what of kind of projects you do in fabric.

This is a really easy one, that I think anyone can do. Give it a try.