Painting a pair of Shoes

On my list of things to try in my Crafty Lifetime, painting shoes is one item that I can now check off! I have altered a pair of fake leather shoes and painted them using acrylic paint (first white, then two coats of pink). It was super easy to do, although not too durable I’m happy I finally just did it.

Me in my painted shoes (and crazy socks that does not match - yay artist freedom) - by @ihanna #diyfashion

I suspect I have owned these brown flats for close to 20 years, but since they’ve mostly been indoor party shoes they are not yet totally worn down, even though they’re not very stylish. That’s why I decided to give them a coat of acrylic paint (no pre-prepping) and be done with it.

Altered / painted shoes before and after - by @ihanna #diyfashion
Painted shoes - before it was altered - by @ihanna #diyfashion

I mostly just did this for fun and it’s not really as anything I’d recommend you to try.

I have always wanted to paint a pair of shoes, but never found a pair where this crafty idea could be executed. Until now, and I’m thrilled I have painted these brown shoes and made them “new” with sparkles and all.

As a last detail I added glitter in the tear-shaped indents at the heal and front, so now they look a whole lot happier than before.

Painting a pair of old shoes - by @ihanna #diyfashion

Before you click away, first let me know if you have altered any old shoes or if it’s still on your to-try-list? I’d love to know, so leave me a comment below about my shoes, your shoes or some hidden crafty need you have repressed for years… Maybe it’s time to just check it off?

Another fun thing I’d like to do some day is to alter a handbag or a whole suitcase… maybe with spray paints or acrylics. But now onward to tackle the next oddball idea or always-wanted-to-try-project: doodling on porcelain!

Here’s another idea I saw once on how you can re-use old shoes:

Garden inspiration on how to repurpose old shoes, photo by iHanna

I hope you’re enjoying your Easter / long weekend. Be well.

PS: after about two months of use the paint on these shoes are crackling and they are not pretty any more. But alas, I had fun altering a pair of shoes. And that was the most important thing this time.

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  1. That pink gave you “happy feet!” Thanks for sharing your in-process pics and story! I love the reminder that we sometimes need to give ourselves the grace to just expirament and “do” something creative – it doesn’t always have to be perfect to be fun and a great learning experience! Thanks, Hanna!

  2. Yes! Pre – marriage and children, and when I was a “young thing” (and a poor student) going to school and teacher’s college balls, I had one white pair of shoes that I painted to match whatever dress I’d made for that ball. There were shoes paints available in Australia then, but I haven’t looked for them for a long time. I will put that research on my list for the next time I’m in a big shopping centre.
    I aim to be patient enough to practice calligraphy! One day.
    I love your posts Hanna and always think of you whenever I see someone wearing pink!

    • Love your story about the shoes Sue, it makes me think of Cinderella and her blue/pink gown that you changed the color of your shoes to match the dress. LOL. :-)

  3. So cute. I once painted a leather belt silver, I didn’t think the paint would stick but surprisingly it did, I couldn’t even scrape it off! I must’ve just fluked the paint and surface combo. Love the colour on your blog x

  4. That’s a genius idea! Everybody needs a pair of pink shoes :)

    Stopping by from Tea and a Sewing Machine

  5. Cool shoes, just a pity they didn’t stand up for much. Also, happy belated birthday Hanna. I hope you had a wonderful day.

    • Aw, thanks for your kind comment.

      And thanks for the congratulations. It was a very good birthday this year too. :-)

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